Can not afford to have the nice lotion


Can not afford to have the nice lotionBhesalinake our country once known as the petroleum jelly. Bhesalina the name of a brand, it was unknown to many. Bhesalina brand of petroleum jelly on the skin type as well as understand the different flavors and different lotions. Unilever’s Skin Care range bhesalina brand in the country has after. Bhesalina imported from Thailand, India and prodaktagulo was very popular in our country, especially the lotion bhesalina range. Bangladesh is now being produced to maintain its continuity bhesalina lotions and much joy from Unilever Bangladesh quality did not disappoint us at all.

Laitenim skin lotions claim to have the formula (Skin Illuminating Minerals) and vitamin B-3, which read your body slowly removes dark spots and dark spots are new obstacles will be read. This body will provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun and the influence of the sun’s rays will be wearing a dark stain.

The time is now to go out to work, women are much less frequent and everyone is afraid to go to the sun-burnt black. So many people are out after a very hot long sleeve shirt to protect themselves from the sun. For those who are constantly out in the sun’s harmful rays of dusk on the coat of arms of this lotion is very useful for them. The density of bhesalinera from other lotion. Lotion bottle opens his mouth and nose to smell the flowers is a beautiful light. The lotion has the iluminetim material, so it comes to the use as a skin a glow. Tbakata takes a little brighter than usual. It is very light weight and very quickly be covered with skin. Non-Gracie is most useful for the use of this lotion.

In my opinion, this lotion is good for winter or summer use any four seasons, especially when outdoors. Healthy White Lotion bhesalina past 3 years I’ve been using and it is because of the sun fall into the hands of a scaled tanning, the other without having to use a sunscreen with high levels not kamachila. I bhesalina healthy white lotion after bathing during the summer and the regular use. And in the winter when they go out into the sun to protect the hands and feet. Bhesalina brand’s ranges are very rich lotion. Total mayesacaraijara lotion to avoid the use of dry winter, whereas in the winter, my skin is much more uplifting. Bhesalina healthy white lotion for dry skin in the winter my body to keep the level of mayesacaraijara.

Summer country in our country, most of the time is hot. Those who go out every day and wants to lotion formula is not glossy feel they can buy the lotion. Body lotion is infused with this very quickly, so the extra heat is oily skin lotion to your natural skin tone nabhesalina Healthy White, who will not light. This is due to the fall of the sun lotion on your body will help bring back the normal color of the skin kalodaga away. Again, this lotion will lighten your skin color.

Those who can not afford good-quality and non-glossy formula in a skin tanning lotion, which is trying to take away the normal brightness for them should be the first choice I think.


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