Winter skin moisture and protect the body palisara

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman

Sitata was leaving. Absolutely everyone is looking for a little extra moisture. But the Body Lotion, Body Wash will give you only temporary humidity. The return of the paraben, alcohol and silicon will benefit your health and beauty, without damage.

This is a little cold, but dry weather the skin becomes dark. This is because the dead skin cells that have accumulated on top. Apart from the persistent summer tan persists. To provide moisture to the skin and get rid of nigrescent palisara body are two recipes that you can make apparent some of the ingredients at home.

What palisara body?

Body palisara a mild version of the skraba body. Skraba body scrubbing particles from particles of the body are short and mild rojaroja can be used. Without any damage to the skin. Moreover, the small particles of the body are due to the body to remove dead cells skraba better way. Do not try to use the body wash or soap palisara body can not use. Body polish the skin on a regular basis, with the highlight will always be damaged due to the dead skin cells fall off your Body Lotion, Body Butter or oil of body moisture and nourishment to be able to take a much better way. If you do not use regularly to get better results, but the seven-day use.

01. Yellow – oatmeal D-Tanning Body palisarah


Which lagabe

Raw yellow (three-four-inch pieces)

You can also use turmeric powder. Half teaspoon of the use and beware of spots. Blazed yellow skin, tan skin to age and distance from the guard.

Otamila (three tablespoons)

Any mall or find suparastore. It serves as a good skraba nigrescent and skin cover.

Besana or sandalwood powder (two tablespoons)

Pea hold the skin tensity. However, the problem is to use winter pea whom they can use sandalwood … it increases the brightness of the skin.

-Honey (One tablespoon)

Honey skin retain moisture, leaving the skin soft.

Lebura juice (two tablespoons)

Acts as a bleaching agent and skin removed kareujjbalata nigrescent increases.

-Oil (Two tablespoons)

Olive oil, sesame oil, or coconut oil can be used. This anti oxidant and vitamin E oil are not trying to use the samrddhaalibha oil Extra virgin olive oil to use. It is more beneficial for the skin.

Use the am


All materials on the mixing cream and bring consistency. Not too thin. The police took the body before bathing, wet body and massage gently. Once dry, soak in a little water. Wash after five minutes. Palisara body after use, do not use soap because the soap from the skin to absorb the moisture and nourishment to the skin of the will. After bathing preferred to ayelabyabahara Body Lotion or body. We will maintain the skin hygrometer. This combination can save it as a refrigerator, but is expected to use direct or fresh.

This combination works as well as de-tanning mask using the body as palisara only be able to use the skin of the arms, legs, hands and feet, fifteen to twenty minutes, then put it in the dry with the water used to gently massage the phelunaniyamita Tan said the hands and feet can be removed.

02. Chocolate-body palisarah



Koko powder (two tablespoons)

Cocoa powder that will suparastore. It also has anti oxidant which helps reduce skin wrinkles Besides, who does not love chocolate?

-Ground Coffee or instant coffee (one tablespoon)

There are coffee antioxidant, moreover kaphipeta and thigh cellulite under the skin helps to eliminate stagnant.

Cini (sadharana sugar, but you can also use Brown sugar, half a cup)

Sugar acts as a very good scrubbing particle. Helps to keep the skin hygrometer.

-Honey (One tablespoon)

-Oil (Olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil, two tablespoons)

Gumra milk or skim milk (one teaspoon)

Milk and brightness of the skin to hold moisture increases. But there is no problem if you can not pay, then you should fix the amount of oil.

– Vanilla essential oil (two drops)

If they can not have the problem, however, is excellence apanaramana’s good to be able to obey.

Use the am


Cocoa powder, coffee, ciniekatre mix. Thus, again and again, so that you can save if you do not have to create a new. Kautaya dry store, when you need it with the rest of the liquid materials are mixed. If you can think more often diluted with water.

Palisara body during a bath, use a wet skin. Do not turn round and gently massage the skin so that it does not amcara. Even if it seems harsh, but too much water mixed with sugar crystals to melt. That part of the body where excess fat is to concentrate on the massage. After five minutes or after melting the sugar crystals and wash with water. Then take it to your favorite Body Lotion. Thus, the body may have been sitting with palisarati “Chocolate Body Spa