Do nail care


nail-careWithout a beautiful hand with beautiful nails do not fit. However, not only are exempt from nails, nail care, necessary. Remember, part of the nail tbakerai. Gathitanakha need proper care to keep it beautiful by Preston.

To prevent broken nails:

Frequently nails should have regular breaks in order to strengthen the foundation khaoyanakhera calcium foods can use the following pack.

Ninaera teaspoon lemon juice in a bowl, 5 drops of olive oil, pepper, mix well karunaebara fingernails Place the mixture in 1 hour.
Cup of tea spoon of lemon juice to 1 cup of warm water and light. Keep fingers dipped in the misrane 1 minute. Light is then washed with hot water phelunaebhabe nail when the body can not break down the resulting fair will be tough.
Broken nail care:

Nails too frequently to be broken in the following caution.
Do not put too big to nail yatatuku much larger place.
Extra soap, do not use neilapalisa.
If you need to use soap to clean the nails, and put a good plan to put the company’s Cold Cream.
Lactic acid and urea cream every night before going to bed to go to bed and put away.
Light is at least two times a month for 15 minutes in hot olive oil dip rakhunaechara finger nails before going to sleep at night, you can put olive oil.
After removal of the fingers and nails olive oil and put them to use.
Khabenaparale calcium and protein foods every day to eat yogurt or sour milk.
Yellow nails:

Use very thin nail buffer, nail care.
Do not use more than once a week, nail buffer.
Fresh lemon juice in a small bowl with a 10 minute manicure nail sinking rakhunaete come back refreshed.
Nail care cream to massage every day for two minutes.
Before applying the base coat of nail polish to make sure.
White spots on nails:

No white spots on fingernails pareechara esophagus offensive side of the nail and skin passes may be due to white saga. Within a month if they do not leave marks on the skin specialist to be approached.


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