Classic chewing tobacco


Classic chewing tobaccoMany of our friends wanted to know the recipe of chewing tobacco. Cosmetics for you today is a classic recipe that came with chewing tobacco. Let’s not delay learning how to create the classic chewing tobacco.

Classic chewing tobacco, which will make

Cinigura / basamati cup rice
Half a cup of ghee
3 cups sugar
Long, cinnamon, cardamom 4/5
Compote of pineapple or orange slices
Chewing color

Half a cup of water to confuse the colors of chewing tobacco in the first day of the stove with water patile reflected in the colors, the water actually moves the adoptee. After 10 minutes, down from 1 calanite dhele to shed water. The other harite butter cinnamon, cardamom, sugar in long days. Reduce the heat a little cover. Sira, actually melts like sugar cooked rice, orange slices (can be a little empty), conserve days. Hair a little nerei reduced ignition cover. After half an hour off the stove and poured a dish and spread it. Spread a little of the forks. To better serve the small syzygium jambos can make.


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