The child should never say that his words


The child should never say that his wordsWhen the work is a lot of pressure on your child, you may refer to something that is wrong, he is very hurt, angry, or are undecided. We will see some of the same mistakes today, which is to say to your child never paristhatite. These words hurt a lot of children because of the deep. 1. Leave me alone ojaraka of Arkansas, the founder of the Centre for Language Studies sujeta hyadena elgina (Ph.D.), and when you say that your child is constantly saying that, ‘Leave me alone’ or ‘do not bother me “or “I’m busy”, he thinks that he is not giving importance to him. It is more than that, he was the baby’s childhood to his father and his mother did not like to say. Santake early age, parents should be given time. And your job is very stressful, so when you tell your child that before, “I need to finish this work, you sit at the draw pictures. When the work is finished, we’ll have fun. ” II. Hurry up! Your child may be too late to eat breakfast in the morning or late in his sneakers to wear, allowing her to go to school late. If you punish him for his word, or quickly repeatedly said he will not feel too much pressure, Baby Minds co-wrote the book (Ph.D.) ayakridolo That said Linda. Tell your voice is so soft, “Let’s hurry up,” and he will know that you are classed him. Be ready to go anywhere during the two together and say, “Let’s see who can be made before the” .This he immediately learn how to get the job done without any stress. 3. You can not be like him? When a child is the worst feeling for him or any other baby compared to sahadara are told, “You can not be like him!” It should not be. The child’s morale is broken and is being compared to the creation of his jealousy. Every child is unique, his first duty to help develop the ananyatake love and parents. 4. Do not cry when the child is shocked or afraid and crying. Most of the parents to stop her crying, I say, “Do not cry” or “not anything like mud.” It is not right to say these words because the primary way to stop crying, but she thinks that this idea is born, you are not an accurate assessment of his feelings. So why not try to learn the exact cause of her crying and explaining why. As a result of his friendship with you, he will tell you whatever he effortlessly feelings. There are some more of those. Such children have been scolded, donkeys, cows, etc. According to them, beating the bully, the punishment is not to say never to be like. – See more at:


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