Oily skin is easy to remove lubricity 4 domestic procedures


Oily skin is easy to remove lubricity 4 domestic proceduresOily skin face very easily due to dirt accumulation of ideas. The branasaha other problems. The skin is a dark bhabao. Many renowned companies using cosmetics can not escape from this problem. You can remove the natural lubricity of the skin. He darakara

1. Cleansing:

Skin cleansing is very important to clean off the face of the pore. Phesaoyasa or paints his face with cleansing milk to clean and remove with cotton. The light washed away with warm water can cut a lot of skin lubricity.

II. Lemon juice:

Citric acid in the lemon skin and skin shine by eliminating extra lubricity. Returning home from the outside with a little lemon juice and sugar mixed with a light massage of the face wash.

3. Eggs:

As a natural component of the skin of the egg. Egg mixed with a little honey and apply to face. Wash after 15 minutes. Gradually, the skin can be reduced lubricity.

4. Tomato:

Tomato skin to remove excess oil is quite effective. Keep it on for the whole of tomatoes catake. After 10 minutes, wash it with water. You see, the skin tight and lubricity thoughts will be removed. Exercising regularly will keep your skin lubricity of the animated show.


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