Eye care is vital to the work of the day


Eye care is vital to the work of the dayOur eyes are a very important part. They understand very well that those who are blind eye price. But we can see quite well on most occasions they do not take care of the eyes.

In many cases ignore. But this should not be at work. Our eye care is much more important to be aware of. But let’s look at some tips on eye care in an emergency.

To protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet sunglasses all the time to keep with. Especially this season. They went out of the contact lens wear sunglasses.
Those who use contact lenses when they come home, take off the lens. Is low enough to be able to use contact lenses. Be interested in the use of glasses.
3. Try to spray water on the day before. Returning home from the outside, especially in the eyes Rinse well. Dhulobalite outside the microbe mixes it will be removed.
Cloth soaked in cold water for at least 1 times a day for 10-15 minutes to keep an eye on. The cornea of the eye is healthy.
If possible, please refrain from the eye makeup. Kajol likely to melt away in the summer can be seen in the eyes of many harmful for the eyes.
Girls just eye makeup will go into the house. Wondered aloud, do not rub the eye makeup. Coconut oil or olive oil and gently help make the eye makeup.
Before the eyes of the brand and the doctor’s advice to sleep well or gel eye cream or serum to use.
Do not ignore the problem any faster by eye doctor.


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