Quick solution to 7 daily rupasamasyara


Quick solution to 7 daily rupasamasyaraEvery day I think we samasasaya skin. Of the black dye in the skin, sunburn spots, kunui of the skin to become thick, rough palm to be seen with a different kind of problem.

We are always looking for solutions to these problems, but could not get many useful and quick solution. Some quick solution to the problems in these forms.

 Many times the lip tint is black. Raw milk and cotton soaked in this black stain removers to remove Thotem. It will be up to regular thotemra black spots quickly.
And now the sun burns the skin due to sun spots. The sun is burning on the skin burn. To get rid of this problem of milk mixed with tomato juice and apply to face. The sun burns and fire bhabao stain can be reduced.
Many of the dishes are very rough hands after washing of utensils. To fix this problem, milk and a few drops of lemon mixed dishes by hand and apply to the shrine. The skin of your hands will be soft.
Kanuite most of the black dye and the skin becomes thick. If you want to remove this stain, smudge it with sugar and lemon khosaya spots remaining. The elbow skin soft spots will go away.
Facial acne skin problems are a lot more damage. The beauty of the skin is broken. Acne problems are easier to solve than the KwaZulu garlic. KwaZulu garlic smudge on acne. See the acne is gone soon.
Pigamentesana or black spots on the skin to get mukti potatoes, lemon and cucumber juice mixed together to create a mixture of half a teaspoon mixed with glycerin and apply it on the stain has been there. After 10 minutes, rinse with cold water. Regular use will reduce this problem.
When you’re stuck in the vacuum oily skin and acne face problems. To fix this problem, Oats and mixed with lemon juice, leave it for 30 minutes. Wash the face with cold water. Oily skin returned to normal.


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