Hare’s something for colored hair mask homameda


Hare's something for colored hair mask homamedaBayasabhede hair color is now a common thing. He himself different from everyone else or for yourself in the position to create a separate, or to cope with the era of himself and his own unusual color to cover gray hair was not many of us are taking it.

Up hair color hair color is all right, but the trouble started with the hair care. It’s a very common complaint that the hair color or highlights was the dry and damaged. Hair color, hair color protection after the market almost all the shampoo, conditioner, mask out the asshole. And these things in mind, I ask you today to take some home hair mask recipes, which will take proper care of your colored Hare.

For colored Hare homameda maska

Rosemary and Olive ayelah
1 \ 4 cup of olive oil to warm gentle simmer, but do not become too hot, so stay tuned. Then a few drops of rosemary oil to cool down the telata mixed massage your scalp. At the end of the massage oil on your head and put a plastic cap 0 minutes and then wash the hair with shampoo. If you want to make more of this mixture in the refrigerator to use. Keep your colored hair and hair healthy mix of the two would enhance growth.

Art and ayabhakadoh
Simapli ayabhakado like bananas and paste it on your hair for 15 \ 0 minute of the day. Wash your head after a certain time. Hollywood Hair dresarara arts and ayabhakado the two elements mentioned as the most suitable for colored hair. This mask will make your hair more soft and smooth.

Art and madhuh
Catake a ripe banana and a tablespoon of honey mixed into a smooth paste it on your hair to the side. In this mask on your hair shampoo to remove a minimum of 0 minutes in the normal way. Featuring a mixture of banana and honey, your hair color and hair to protect hair from the raphanesa and drainesa will mascaraijada and Silky.

Like most cases normal hair colored hair was dirty and the brightness of the lost dead. If you want to close your hands with little material meonija coloring your hair natural saini can bring. Forgot your head, well, the flowers are a little amount of coverage meonija put a towel soaked in warm water, cover your hair, 0 minutes and wash the hair with cold water. From 3 times a week if you follow this method will be healthy for your colored hair.

Rather than kalarake proper oyete Take care of your colored hair. Colored your hair to see your hair will not have a detrimental effect.


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