Damage free, extra healthy, smooth and domestic Shiny Hair Mask for hair (all hair type)


Damage free, extra healthy, smooth and domestic Shiny Hair Mask for hair (all hair type)Damage to your hair, and phriji anaheladi? Rough dry the hair back to the beautiful and Silky hair mask recipes are very simple and domestic M & I write today will give life back to your lifeless hair.

According to many domestic Hair Care One of the problems with the natural elements of any material or which ones will work best for any kind of hair loss and hair better than that of the permanent .others. So you released from the permanent .others this article I will take all the hair mask recipes are suitable for all hair types, which you can use freely.

Ayabhakado, honey and olive ayela
Elements of
-1 Seasoned ayabhakado catakano
-1 \ Two tablespoons honey
Two tablespoons olive oil

Mix all the ingredients together to remove worms. Now it’s wet or dry your hair and put a plastic cap, put up a minimum of 30 minutes to keep the hair and then wash the hair.

This mask for hair friendly vitamins and protein that carries ayabhakado, even if one of the components of vitamin E narisa hair and hair growth increases. Honey and olive oil that keeps your level of mascaraijara Hare.

Banana, coconut oil, olive oil and honey

Elements of
II T-ripe bananas
-1 Table spoon of olive oil.
-1 Table spoon of honey.
-1 Tablespoons of coconut oil.

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender. For a long time so that it blends with the fine arts and other elements of the mix. The wet or dry hair in the refined paste and leave on for 5 minutes and then wash the hair.

Haidreteda this hair mask and rich in anti-oxidants. Proper growth and repair the damage to your hair.

Strawberries, honey and coconut oil

Elements of
00 g fresh strawberries
Two tablespoons olive oil
-1 \ Two tablespoons of coconut oil

Blender and blend beautifully with the strawberries. Add the olive oil and coconut oil to make a paste and apply it on your hair.
Your hair is pretty impressive, Smooth, Shiny and to mascaraija maskai little enough strawberries.

Olive oil and honey
Elements of
-1 \ Cup honey.
-1 \ 3 cup olive oil

Olive oil mixed with honey and warm light, then put the mixture into your wet hair and comb with a thick head of hair, scratch with a plastic cap to wear. Thus, your hair mask 0 \ 30 minutes and wash the hair.

Vitamins and minerals are packed to the brim with honey mascaraijara proper balance in your hair and olive oil just to keep the hair healthy and will narisa.

Whether your hair is oily, dry or damaged hair or fine hair because the hair maskagulo suitable for all types. If you prefer your hair mask drawn 1 and see the results of months of use can be easily seen.


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