When the problem hair


When the problem hairHeat, dust, pollution and lack of hair and skin care is a great loss. In case the highest rate of hair loss. Often heard is widespread hair, going bald, going burst ends, rough going, how much more do with dandruff! I do not see the problems, but were eliminated in the name. To avoid these problems, or if you need a little extra care, so that the hair will return to the old beauty. The crew of the persistent problems in trying to tell the simple domestic samadhana, care-atmira obstacle may not be so hectic.

Rough, dry and lifeless culah

As well as those of normal and oily hair, dry hair in the face of young men and women are available to hear the complaint that the hair is rough, dry, lifeless and becomes lifeless. Because there’s pollution, as well as outside the ribandim, hair color, bleaching, inexpensive iron die and are constantly doing is responsible. Moreover, many hairstyles may be due to the reason you do not use shampoo.

First, use a good shampoo and renowned brands, try to buy from a store for consumers who are the original products. On the container ‘for dry, dull & frizzy hair’ s take a look at the text.

The domestic use regular hair oil. Can be coconut, olive, almonds, this story, mustard, sesame oil or tanullekhita sesimi or some combination of oil, or oil of your choice, no hair. The same applies to this case, the oil is pure and true will shine. Continues to work this out before you shampoo, the results will surprise.
And do not forget to use conditioner after shampooing, also follow the patterns of your hair and is real crime.

Hair parah

More than 80% of the men and women have been having problems. All complaints that fall more or less abundant hair, baldness, etc. is going to fall.
Look at the hair of the water used in the first place to look is the amount of iron in the water? If you find a way to protect the hair from the water.

If you use shampoo hair shampoo in the rate goes up, then immediately delete, bring new shampoo.

Mix onion juice or a bottle of shampoo bottles fenugreek seed oil, regular use. Hair fall can be reduced very quickly.

Aga phatah

Many long hair like that, but that is part of repeatedly due to the rupture of the tip is cut off.

If you are leaving the ends of the first to burst into the parlor or at any other sister, mother or girlfriend can choose to trim part of itchy hands.

After each shampoo, conditioner and put them to use more of the tip, the “Anti-Split and writing, use shampoo. The wet hair, use a hair serum. Hair Serum is available in many different markets. Libhana, Hair and Care, striksa can choose any one.
And domestic, then 50 ml of water and two tablespoons of honey shampoo (must be true), and 1 cup of tea liquor mixed Pour At the tip of the hair. The key thing will be forgotten in the regular fracture ends.


Once in a lifetime, but it is difficult to get people who bhugenani dandruff problems. Some dandruff problems throughout the year, they are also in trouble.
These people have dandruff ‘anti dandruff’ shampoo and conditioner use. Skyalpa head all the time, you should clean, dust, dirt or sweat whatever things the right way at the end of the day to clear up the matter into practice.

Before the shampoo and apply any oil mixed with lemon juice or vinegar, or lemon / vinegar can be used directly to them if you do not have allergies or other problems if there is oil or water mixed with a little dayaluta should be. 40-60 minutes after applying the shampoo will Phelalei.

We hope many of you will come in handy article.


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