Programming whose world


Programming whose worldDutt finale to the story came back to the sport.
Once a computer programmer and was drowned. He struggled in the water taste was shouting, “F-One! F-One! “
Microsoft Windows programs to run during the ‘help’ if you need the keyboard F One (F1) is press the button you may not know this information. Nilayera knows. Given ventricle, raihata and Sadiq Mohammad Zaman. Nafis-university team of three students in the episode “ACM International Collegiate Programming” competition (ACM ICPC) has been the first. Their deep love of the complex computer! If so intoxicated programming, the keyboard is really the F-button, and apply them in the real world is one concert!
ACM ICPC World Cup in Thailand will hold next year. If everything goes well, three university students, the “Order of the n-cube, the programmers from around the world will take part in the competition. North South University took part in the competition on 14 November. Partner of this event was the first light. With 122 teams compete to become the champion of Thailand’s only university progamaradera teams have confirmed tickets. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology student, was the first runner-up sakibula Mawla, Dhananjay faith and Abdullah Al Maruf. The second runner-up, North South University, Fayyaz Ahmed, and Mohammad Samiul Islam muhaimena Hasive al. On 17 November, the three groups of mobile phone programmers.
You need a medal
ACM ICPC World was held in Morocco last year. N cubes of the Order took part in the technology better. Their position was 59th among 120 teams. What is the goal? Mohammad Sadiq. Nafis word answer, “I will try to medal.”
The other members of the same raihata jamanerao. Saying, ‘reading last year. For the country, the University’s reputation would like to leave without something. “Dhaka University, three days per week in the form of ICPC programming contest is held. Order of the N Cubes group, the winner of the provisions provided in this carcai. Three Hall University. Kodinye remain involved until late at night, so there is no obstacle. I was at the beginning of which, given the ventricle of the sect by saying, “If you can not coding a two-day uncomfortable. What did you think of that! ‘Programming whose passion is so strong, you can expect a medal they were.

Buy any comments
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, the name down to the wire. I wanted to know the secret behind it was. At the outset, however, said he believed members of Dhananjaya, “Never mind. We do not want to say anything now. “Sakibula Mawla told another member of the team, as well as to participate in the intricacies of their mulaparbe not sure yet. So dhananjayadera eyes toward the amrtapuri the competition. ACM ICPC will hold a meeting there next month. Programmers from Asian countries will take part in the competition. Do not want to miss this opportunity to turn the programming down to the wire now the full attention of the group.

We did not start
North South University team looked at the competition, NSU bagalabharasao. Fayyaz Ahmed was a member of the team, “the ACM ICPC began our university. We never start from North to South, but could not come up threes. Since I could, so we were all pretty excited. Our coach, is a great inspiration to Jews. I hope I can do something like this if you go to the finals. “


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