Avoid mistakes that winter


Avoid mistakes that winterWith the change of seasons has changed the type of tbakacarcara. Cosmetic changes. Tbakacarcara the winter season and the most sensitive. This is the time to take care of the excess skin. However, if you do not have regular tbakacarca. Some might think of the winter, you can stay away from skin problems. ♦ Wash the face with water, not hot. The natural moisture of the skin can be damaged. As a result, the skin becomes more dry. ♦ summer or the rainy season, the week, two to three times the eksapholiyeta, there eksapholiyeta not more than once a week in winter. Many people do not need eksapholiyesanera winter. But this idea is very wrong. Dead skin cells, but if the winter is not eksapholiyeta, the skin becomes rough. ♦ The pradakte alcohol, do not use the product on the skin. The skin becomes more dry. ♦ Most of the people of the habit of using cotton pillows cover. But did you know that the oil exuded from the skin to absorb the pillows cover. This seemed to wake up and more dry skin. ♦ Do not take the cold for more than saunas. The natural moisture of the skin can be damaged. The skin becomes rough and dry. ♦ winter use soap to remove completely reduced. If necessary, you can use less Alkaline herbal soap. Do not use more than twice the phesaoyasa day.


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