Continuous Internet browsing harmful for health


Continuous Internet browsing harmful for healthSome patients often come to the chamber, aged between 18 and 30 years. The problem of neck pain can not rotate. The upper portion of the back pain. Some hands can spread up. In some cases, the hand is felt jhinajhina or asleep. One gets the less power. Those who come with symptoms of hip pain, most of them say that, after a long stay at the waist muscle tension seemed to be. Some patients who say, laptop, or mobile phone lying down for a long time was browsing Facebook or the Internet. Growing up is hard to get out of bed, acute pain is felt. Let us assume that the cause of the problems. A lack of awareness about the root causes of the problem, carelessness or inattention. For example: Suppose jerinera (pseudonym) about. BBA has completed the private university. Now, do not go to class. Most the time. The internet is the partner. After breakfast in the morning before going to sleep at night in bed with laptop lying down in front of the books in the study. Zerin the waist with pain. But no pathological reason for the pain. Only a lack of awareness. Due to the strong and the weak or sphita jerinera hip muscles. Tip: you have to do is get rid of the problem: more than half an hour of continuous sitting or lying computing or do not browse. 10-15 minutes of rest. The time to walk. Then sit down again. Do not lie down for a long time to read the book. Do not run laptops. Keep your computer monitor at eye-level computing, in order to make the jump to the front. Sitting in a chair and table height should be at the computer so you can run straight out of the support behind the waist. Adjustable neck and waist maintain muscle strength exercises, according to the specialist physiotherapy treatment. Above all, to comply with a rule, to live healthy and byathamukta. –


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