Speaking after the SQ-Mujahid


Speaking after the SQ-MujahidSQ-Mujahid trial for war crimes in the final stages after the execution of the offender is another top Jamaat-e-Islami chief Nizami standing suit. Nizami dandaprapta death penalty appeals tribunal is currently hearing stage. Attorney General Alam said Sunday, ‘Nizami case, the defense is now presenting paperbook. I hope the Supreme Court term begins on December 15, before the end of the hearing, Jamaat chief Nizami standing to appeal. ” The appeal of convicted war criminals are nine pending settlement. In 010 starts with the International Criminal Tribunal during the liberation war in the murder, genocide, rape, arson, crimes against humanity dharmantaritakaranasaha different. 1 is the verdict from the tribunal so far, six of which have come this year. At the end of the investigation phase and three out of the six cases are awaiting trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the start of the sources said. So far, the tribunal has ruled that a public prosecution has appealed against her from the 17. After the settlement of appeals and reviews of four criminals were executed. Another war to the death against the court verdict was under review but had not published its full copy. Although at the hearing before the death of former Jamaat chief Ghulam Azam and BNP leader Abdul Alim appeals’ invalid ” and was dropped. –


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