Choose seasonal Use Rupacarcaya


Choose seasonal Use RupacarcayaBuy seasonal fruits without buying a little more time. Fruit is essential foods such as fruits, you can polish your daily rupacarcatuku. Let us assume that any kind of fruit will pepper.

Green coconut

For the hair, such as coconut, so beneficial for the skin, dubbed girly. The elegance of the skin leads to two coconut water every day playing. Tender coconut water, rinse your mouth with regular spring Dagao away.

Not only in the spring, Brana Dagao washed with water to remove the coconut. Dab a bit of cotton soaked in water and apply to face. Give dried. Then the light massage. It will be the face of the beautiful bright coloring. Skin soft and smooth. Dab with water to keep the snow.


Rupacarcaya the use of pineapple. Pineapple dead skin cells, dust and oil away easily. If you want to use to create the four pieces of fresh pineapple skraba pineapple, half a cup of canned pineapple and three teaspoons of olive oil and blend them together to create a mask.

Rinse the mouth for 15 minutes. Pineapple, lemon and orange juice Mix together. Take with a little flour. Paste and apply to face. When dry wash.


Apple is very effective in solving the tone of the skin of the face is a result of reading and pigamentesanera. Dry skin 12 to 12 tablespoons lemon juice and apple paste, egg yolk mixed with a little cucumber juice and wash it at 0 minutes. Use it regularly to maintain humidity will decrease dry skin will soften and smooth the skin.


Banana is a fruit that you will find throughout the year. Ripe bananas, yogurt, olive oil, honey, mixing the shampoo on the scalp and dry hair, put it. Hair should be neat smooth. To remove the black spots on the face of ripe banana, honey, glycerine and half of the egg white mixture and wash the mask on for 15 minutes.


Use the orange juice to get rid of dandruff on the scalp. Orange juice in the morning after waking from sleep, rose water and honey mixed with cotton and planted face to face on a regular basis can reduce nausea, increase the brightness of the skin and increase skin softness.


Wrinkles and pale skin of ripe papaya to increase the role. Ripe papaya catake face and neck with a little milk and lemon juice and apply it on a regular basis, can cut skin, fatigue, nausea.


Dark circles to eliminate eye fatigue, nausea, and almost everyone we know to use a cucumber. Nutrition to the skin of the cucumber yogurt and oatmeal mixed with nothing to put on the face and neck. Wash and dry the mixture.


Skin tones to light and moisture to the skin, cucumber juice made with watermelon juice phesapyaka 10 minutes of regular use.


The grapes are very beneficial to increase the brightness of the skin of the face. Fuller’s earth, grape juice, rose water and lemon juice mixed together to make it myself Become own phesapyaka and beautiful light.


A result that is beneficial for the skin. The skin is able to overcome in a very short period of frigid air.


A consequence of the mesta. And it works very well as a quality include acne cleanser.

Seasonal fruit throughout the year, such as the health of your skin will be beautiful, and the light would.


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