6 different meals for children


6 different meals for childrenLet me list all kinds of cereal food. But the list of foods that we forget or make a mistake for any reason do not want to feed the baby. Today, there are the nutritional quality of food which is very complete, very easily available and fun to eat.

1. Black angurah

Black grapes are in the dark blue color enthasayanina phlebhanaida good for the baby. And urinary tract role in the formation of brain development.

The idea can serve faluda. 1 quarter cup of water mixed with 1 tablespoon of angurake 1 bowl in the oven for 30 seconds to mix and let cool. Spread a little on the sweet yogurt.

II. Daih

Yogurt is a food can be fun when your child will learn to eat new foods. Yogurt enhances the immune system and keeps the brain and heart health. It is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, which the baby’s bones and teeth of the 1 just keeps. Moreover, the creation of food microbiology and food digestion helps beneficial ducts.

The idea to serve yogurt to taste like himself. But what if you want to feed your baby formula is mixed khaoyano. Catake the banana, yogurt can be mixed child.

3. Dalah

Full of protein and fiber foods include lentils. 1 flower pack it cheaper to eat nutritious foods and the best of the pulse.

The idea to serve peas, rice khicuri popular food in our country. Moreover, any vegetable that can be mixed with boiled peas.

4. Brakalih

Follett is on broccoli, calcium and sulfur compound. Brakalike cancer is the food. There’s a nice flavor to the child’s taste changes.

The idea is to serve small brakalike small pieces to be cooked until it becomes soft. It takes light grains, with so many kids choose to accept.

5. Alubokharah

It has fiber, which helps to cure constipation. You can introduce solid food to the baby with the water.

The idea alubakharake mesada choose to serve, then mixed with any food. At 1 pm formalism comes to taste like children. If the child’s constipation, prune juice meal mix the two.

6. Mansah

It is a good source of protein as well as zinc and iron. Therefore, the child should be meat.

The idea to serve boiled meat casserole. Casserole cooked food is easy, the ingredients are easy to eat and the nutrition. If you wish to mix the vegetables with a little ginger, and for children it can be an ideal meal.


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