Take a few ways to increase your beauty


Take a few ways to increase your beautyIn addition to makeup, skin care, we can keep yourself beautiful. Sarirake different way, there is no need to tidy when applying makeup. Sarirake be beautiful without makeup is much gulotipasa below.

    1. Take care of the facial skin. Do not forget to wash your mouth with water three to four times a day.

    II. Do not grease the eyes with hands unnecessary. The black spots around your eyes, which may be able to do so after we try.

    3. Try to keep the hair clean clean. Note that you should not tie in wet hair. Do not comb through the hair.

    4. Take care of the hands and feet. Keep hands, feet, nails pretty clear. If you want to keep the nails on the hands of a beautiful Shape try to keep them.

    5. Do not forget to brush your teeth. Of course, do not brush your teeth before going to sleep at night and in the morning. Remember, however, the result of more than a tooth brush, tooth enamel is lost.

    6. Day and night to try to get the limited coffee and tea. Adequate sleep, a minimum of 8 hours sleep over the day and night.

    7. Eat more fruits and vegetables over junk food and avoid elimination. Drink large amounts of water.

    8. Definitely do not wear extra loose clothing or extra tight phiteda.

    9. Avoid keeping your own image. Keep a smile on the face gently.

By following the above tips, but you can stay fit and beautiful at all times without makeup Cosmetics. Makeup can only enhance the beauty of your face is temporary, but not inside.


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