In the winter the baby’s neck pain do


In the winter the baby's neck pain doGalabyatha ‘or’ Tyre throat, a common symptom of children’s diseases. However, the change of season or at the beginning of winter this problem is increased. Normally the upper part of the esophagus, due to inflammation of the tonsils and the surrounding area is galabyatha.

The problem is usually five to eight year old children suffer more. At the end of the rainy season or winter galabyatha could rise. Bacterial and viral infection is inflammation. 30 per cent of the germs responsible for the group of beta strepatokakkasa himolaitika. It’s contagious. Spread through saliva or mucus.

Galabyathaya baby cold virus fever, cough, red eyes and can lead to other problems such as a decline. Once again, a sudden galabyatha bacterial infection, a high fever, head pain, vomiting, nausea or vomiting, stomach ache, pain in the neck may be swollen. Bacterial tonsillitis due to throat of Tyre and its surroundings are part of the red. Hundreds of bodies have been found occasionally rash or RAM.

Once the correct dose of paracetamol or drugs to cure galabyatha aibuprophena match the comfort. We’d love to gobble salt water to soften. Feed the baby at the time, enough water and liquids.

If necessary, doctors will give the appropriate antibiotics. When the baby to swallow or trouble breathing, saliva jharale or excessive temperatures (over 101 degrees Fahrenheit) is maintained for more than 48 hours to consult a doctor immediately.


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