Because of skin allergy remedies


Because of skin allergy remediesSkin allergies but many of us do not have the right idea. Many are due to allergies. Our concept is very necessary to keep the allergies. Then the remedy should be.

Pollen, air pollution, smoke, odor of raw color, whitewash, house dust, dust-body allergic reaction to the old file.
Dirty, wet substance fungus is grown. However, any food can be contaminated by fungi. Panire, bread and KK is made by mixing the fungus. Potatoes, onions were contaminated by the fungus. This fungus is a major cause of allergies.
After sweating in the heat and dust of the room is a leading cause of allergies. For those who suffer from allergic problems he will avoid the dust of the room all the time. Especially when the broom in the house will have to be moved away from the place. Furniture such as blankets, curtains, mattresses, pillows, etc., it is time to clear away the accumulation of dust that must have.
There is the possibility of food allergies. For example, milk allergies, especially in children allergic to cow’s milk were found to be too high. Cow’s milk on the skin, especially in children, is seen to be. Besides wheat, eggs, fish allergies are extremely rare. Nuts, bananas, apples, grapes, mushroom, onion, garlic, chocolate, cold drinks and even cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
Insect bites on the skin, swelling of the area is up to even asthma. Mosquitoes, sand-fly, bee, wasp, hornet, and allergies to insect bites are caused by the body.
Shaggy, plumose animals, such as cats, dogs, horses and other livestock, specifically responsible for the creation of a lot of allergies.
In addition, there is a disease called artikoriya. In this case, the skin is the wheel. The rise is seen scratch. It also revealed one of the allergies. At any given time in life when most people have seen this disease. Or any part of the body may be limited to the artikoriya can spread all over the body. The different-sized red spots on the wheel is swelling and the itching is intense. Food allergies can also cause the disease. For example, nuts, pulses, meat, eggs.
These insects also can be caused by allergies.
Allergy drugs may be. Responsible for many allergy medicines. One of penicillin and aspirin.
Fever, body pain, head pain, scabies, boils, etc. Both of these drugs without a doctor’s prescription, we are eating. But keep in mind there may be itching of the skin ayalarjijanita. Due to the use of penicillin may even result in death. In addition, there are several other drugs that can cause food allergies on. So any drugs without consulting a doctor should never be eaten.
We offer the vaccination of children. Bhyakasine any vaccination or allergy occurs from person to person. So if your child is allergic to the vaccine to be seen if culakanijanita suffered should take your child to the doctor.
If you are allergic to excessive use of makeup.
Some of the ways to get rid of allergies

The most important to keep the skin clean. Splashing water on the face as often as possible. Do not use any artificial cosmetics use natural ingredients.
Besane juice mixed with cucumbers on for a little while and wash it.
With a mixture of flour and rose water to clean the face.
Fenugreek seeds, ground cloves and mix together, leave it on the acne. This is especially true for those whose faces are oily.
Ghasuna skin 10 minutes before going out on the ice.
Tulaya Patilebura juice soaked to the skin can put twice. Reduce excessive sweating of the skin moisture. Diseases of the pore at the base lodge. Although sweat more quickly, try to remove.
Regular wash. Karunasanakrima to drink plenty of water. Use regular diodoranta and body spray.
Whose skin was prickly heat on a regular basis, they will benefit planted neem leaves juice.
Skin rash and allergic reactions may be due to makeup. Acne skin problems jaruriyadera makeup makeup of the court, they are very flexible for use klenajara. Eye makeup should be raised in order not to over-grease the skin thoroughly clean the skin to remove hayamekapa good quality moisturizer to maintain flexibility.
Ekamaga drinking water, a few drops of lemon juice to start the day. It will act as antioxidant. Drink green tea instead of coffee in the morning will have beautiful skin.
Vegetables and fruits should be kept daily food list.
Allergy is a preventable disease. Nowadays, many modern medicines are allergic, which is exempt from the alpasamayei allergy pain and itching. However, to cause permanent treatment based on it. The doctor’s advice and any allergy medicine to a sick patient can live almost normal. Keep in mind, all of a sudden allergy to any man, any time, anywhere, at any time of the year can be. Of the total, that is the reason why you need to avoid allergies, and of course, consult your doctor.


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