Know some of the ways to solve the problem of acne winter


Know some of the ways to solve the problem of acne winterMany winter like very much. There are many reasons behind the choice. Mekaapata chilling winter cold air is perfect. The sweating does not have to fear being lost in the hair sample. In the spirit of oily skin free from acne on your skin if yayaanyadike this great weather, if indeed there was a nuisance to yaoyarai Insurance break.

Many acne, dry skin in the winter, too, there was a raid. And it is quite a pity to read. Yatnata the time, the skin should be taken exactly how many people realize that failing to eat. This winter, get rid of the irritation of acne, let’s have a very simple way.

The proper use of phesaoyasa

In winter, to avoid irritation of acne tbakatake how to clean it, a little note. Body Wash with soap and water or care for the common cold Oh do not wash their faces. Oil Free acne cleanser to clean tbakatake winter, you can use a good brand. Wash skin with warm water is not forgotten. Always use cold water to wash the face. You can clean the skin with good phesaoyasa ksaramukta morning and night.


Another goal is to protect the skin from irritation of acne will keep you. And that is how your tbakatake are mayescaraija. Many people are afraid to mayescaraija skin that has acne. This tbakata becomes more dry and acne problems are not reduced. Heavy cream can not use a light moisturizer. This could be your best friend Baby food. The skin is made for younger children do not have these harmful chemicals. If your acne problem is likely to increase as a result of this prodaktagulote.

Drink lots of water

Many of the water less than normal winter temperatures khaoyagrismera to vow to eat now and then, but the cold water of drinking water for the most forgotten manusaara acne occurs in the winter due to low water consumption upadrabatai karunaantata day 8 glasses of water to drink plenty of winter Drinking water should be good for the skin and body.

Put clean pillowcases

The problem of acne on the skin is one of the many reasons to keep the pillow cover is not clear. Hair debris clings pillow cover and took your skin. Acne occurs in the skin. So, instead of once a week should be kabharata pillow.

Do not tinker with the facial skin and hands

Know your hands are cold in the winter to feel a little warmth or to keep it on the cheeks of many hands. The germs from your hands, and it took the skin from irritation of acne increases. So you should try to leave this habit.


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