China is the world’s oldest tree!


China is the world's oldest tree!China is one of the 300-year old trees, the researchers found. It is the oldest tree in the world. They said that the tree was named cainenasisa Texas endangered species. Tree nickname UK. Dongana County in Hunan Province, China, near the city iyanjhau sunahuyansana researchers see the tree in the forest. Endangered plant species could be seen every day in the world before. But the tree of cancers come publicly ghanaya disaster. Brksasumari old old tree found throughout China. Tree 35 meters high and 22 meters wide, has shielded the villagers for generations. There are also two trees on both sides of the tree. Today there are 5 million of this tree species. The warm, moist environment in which to grow plants. Match this species in Arunachal Pradesh.


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