Panchgarh matched seen ganatitira


16Gang of Critically Endangered birds partridge Match Panchagarh rivers meet. The bird has not been seen for more than two years ago, too. However, over a decade ago, used to fly in flocks TT. Suddenly lost. Mahananda district, karotoya, water fowl, ask it into the river along with several of them are being seen. However, very low. TT good name of the river. These birds have been roaming the name of the river into the river TT. Another name of the Gang. Gang TT, everyone knows the name of this bird in the area. Panchagarh bird watching and wildlife photographers Feroz Al Sheba says ganatiti Panchagarh again coming back to the river. Since the start of the urbanization of the country and the region, rivers in river chars think they are safe. ” Ganatiti rivers and creeks and sandbars nurisamrddha live in. Panchagarh come up with sand stones from Himalayan rivers. Ganatiti stones, sand lays her eggs in the nest. Ganatitira olive-colored eggs and stones to create harmony camouflage effect. Thus, they protect the eggs from their enemies. Another fun for this bird to avoid enemy shoots. People around the house or if they were aware of the presence of any other animal, the louder the calls to leave home in order to understand the creature’s his home. Ganatiti wife three or four olive-colored eggs. 2224 Baby Grows day. Foot and mouth to see the newly hatched chicks are the same as the color of the egg. Within hours the eggs out of the 2436 children with parents left home to walk. Food began to explore. They disguise the color, you can easily get along with the environment. When you smell the danger signal to parents or children in the moments when you fuse with the ground. They alone, in pairs or small flocks of five to six matches walk. Eat with a nice nature walk on the lips. They face down in the sand and enjoy the great view to finding food. Insects, small frogs and byanaci, crab their main meal of the animals. Moonlit night in the morning and evening before and they are quite active. Think of the people in the bird H T T – T called T H. TT pigeon-sized birds in the river. 2932 centimeters in length. 160-165 grams of weight. Back, sandy-brown color. Bun head, head, neck, chest and upper part of the face, lips and black. Book gray-brown. The center of the black, white and stomach upset. The end of the tail, legs, fingers and nails black. Purusagulo men and women is the same as the form is a little bit bigger. Children are the white spots and dark spots on the yellow and .. The breeding season is from March to June. They have seen flocks of lapwing over a decade ago, the country’s rivers. It is rare to see them now. Critically Endangered bird in the world is considered. Char in the river, farming and unplanned growth of cities, their number is decreasing every year. Several years ago, the Padma-Jamuna partridge has a special census. The massive decrease in rates over the partridge has found. Gang partridge or English name of the River Lapwing Spur-winged Lapwing. –


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