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skin-tips-Winter is coming! The nature of what it means to be a dry winter. This drying time, as well as the appearance of nature becomes dry and dull. And this time, need extra care to look dry and dull. Skin and hair becomes rough, especially in winter, so you need to take special care of the skin and hair. Through proper care, we can not maintain the beauty of winter skin and hair.

Skin care –

Cream in the winter, as it will continue to use whatever soap is mayescaraijarayukta. Do not use the cream at least twice a day. Add vitamin E cream is used.
Generally, we think, does not require a sunscreen in the winter. This is a misconception. Obviously, the ray of light needed for healthy and beautiful skin. This vitamin is found that it is necessary. But the sun’s rays on the skin and premature aging because of irreparable damage. This ray of sunscreen reduces inflammation. Regular use of sunscreens in the winter.
Humidity of the air is less humid air in the winter, so the skin is reduced. Wrinkles of skin may occur as a result. Mayascaraijarayukta cream can be used in this case. In addition, the use of rose water and glycerin and the best results are achieved. You can also use olive oil. Olive oil or moisturizer and massage the face and to sleep better. Cleaning the skin and the skin becomes warm.
Another problem is the cold lips cracked and blackened. Solution of glycerine. Do bhejabena lips with tongue repeatedly. Before going to sleep, and put them in jail, and glycerin, or LEAP. When the lips or hands and feet, skin bursting with vitamin E bhesalina flag.
Phesapyaka winter will be a little different from the other. For example,
Paka bananas, ripe papaya and flour to make a paste with. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then paste. Then wash the face with warm water. The regular use of the skin becomes shiny and smooth.
Hair –

Due to the low humidity in the air becomes cold hair is rough and dandruff raid. Use a good shampoo for dandruff.
Usually two kinds of hair, oily and dry. In case of emergency skyalpa to clean oily hair. Suitable for every hair every other day, like shampoo and hair rinse. Hataoyela therapy works best for dry hair. A little hot olive oil, then massage the hair roots should be wrapped in the wet towel in hot water. Then wash the hair with shampoo and hair useful.
If you comb the hair before going to sleep at night bajrasane. The hair will fall off and you can not sleep, mental stress.
Many times, nor the end of winter hair becomes rough burst. This winter, get rid of the hair before going to bed massage warm coconut oil or olive oil was made. At the tip of the roots of the hair and the warm oil massage is good to go to sleep. Throughout the night the presence of oil in the hair coloring to the hair and the hair will be cut and sparkling bright.
Vitamin E is good for the hair. Two days after the collapse of any oil, oil mixed with vitamin E capsules and put on the best way to keep for 3 hours. If the night was good. Wash in the morning. However, sometimes the hair with warm water not Be.
Winter skin and hair, but you must be careful about eating. Beautiful autumn vegetables and fruits needed for healthy skin and hair. Bean, cowpea, varying greens, peas, cauliflower, etc. Keep the daily diet. Eat every day to reach the fruit. Such as apple, plum myrobalan or whatever she did.

Eisahaja winter, when some of the steps on the skin and hair shiny, smooth it can be.


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