How long will the henna darker color


How long will the henna darker colorHow much of our culture imparatyanta henna, it is understood that this festival and marriage season. And how dark the color of henna have to deal with many of the sport! Patience is the art of henna. And nowadays henna artists from the striking design does not spend less money for everyone! But, just like the color is not so much an amateur mehedite ?? Full-time, all the money goes in the water. So, I’ll tell you ahead of the festival and wedding season, natural henna (henna, which is mostly used to artistarai LOVE!), Its color is more red, bold, and how long will make

Some of the requirements –

First, select your favorite design. Artist him understand, but to tell you what you want for the special day. You can tell by the pictures. When the artist as beautiful without the communication gap Whatever your choice may be.
Try to use natural henna. Now almost all of the artist’s own hand-made henna sell any use again. If you can not find in the market to buy from them.
Gold, hoping to kill two birds with one stone, the use of active cases in the Chemical will own riske. But do not you dare let your child hand them the night before Eid!
Prior hand-colored prints

Hands and feet, that it is good to let the henna Wash with soap and water. Do not washed with soap on skin color.
An old cloth (for deleting the wrong move when), a needle (the angle najela closed for cleaning) before taking him to sit down.
Henna just before the waxing, manicure, pedicure and do not enter. According to these things sometimes just ranata after the henna is brown.
Sit in a place where there is good lighting. The error will be less. If you do not move over to the Artist. The design is lost artists are fed up! (personal experience)
Young guava leaves in henna, lemon juice, tea etc. The color is much darker coloring properties of henna because they activate. You can build yourself a little mixed. These are used by the artist can say.
Dark, red-to-red hand

If you want to get a darker color in the course of the day will be at least 4 hours or 1 day before the henna. Natural henna is like the original color after 4 hours.
Natural henna hand, as long as you can keep the better. I go to sleep with the short duration of the henna. Mehdi will be the minimum of 6 hours.
After drying to remove water and do not wash the henna !! Do not put them in the water for at least 1 hour henna. Normal oil, or oil with henna raise customs. 3 sheds light color is washed.
It heard from my grandmother, a few cloves in a pan, the smoke began First available in the palm of one. After 10 seconds, remove the hand. (Tri carefully if you want to)
Mix a little sugar and lemon juice, mix and apply the henna hand went up after drying.
Do not start the grease with additional lemon-sugar! The water is so clean, the design of the light will be lost. A few phomtai enough.
I hope the day will come handy tips. They all knew this trick before, but now slowly period of henna Chemical’s going to get up. Remember, no matter how time consuming the natural way, always completely safe. Large, for all children. Surely you do not want such a beautiful part of our culture, like henna abuse special day to waste!


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