Not suitable for children to eat the nutritious


Not suitable for children to eat the nutritiousExperts told the children to be careful in choosing foods. Recognize some food and be cautious. They are very nutritious, but a threat to children.

1. Berry and Citrus –

Although all of the children to eat any fruit is beneficial. Strawberry and berry-particularly the proteins, which are the result of sisudehera difficult to digest. Citrus fruits such as oranges or jambuurara stomach problem. They should eat at least one year before age.

II. Delicious food –

Great flavor and taste of food is feeding the baby. Parents think it’s nice to see certain nutritious foods. According to one study, full of bright colors and a variety of foods during pregnancy, the baby’s growth by interfering phlebhare. The baby’s body can not do anything like that at all.

3. Cow and soy milk –

American bebisentara Medical Advisory Board, “said one of the study, the first year of the birth mother’s breast milk, no milk for children is not applicable. Made from cow’s milk or soy years passed such minerals, which children are affected kidanike.

4. egg whites –

While it can not be the end of egg white nutrition, child health, but doctors believe it was a threat. Egg yolks are one year old children, but not white protein.

5. Hard and round foods –

Hand-made natural food or whatever, hard and round any food is not good for children. Amalaki, nuts, corn on the list.

6. Honey –

Although the food is not good for kids, it is a wonder of nature. Sisudehe responsive as it is toxic.

7. fruit juice –

Fruit juice is more beneficial than eating the fruit. The phenomenon is more true in the case of children. Vitamin C-rich fruit juice it produces acid sisudehe severe damage.

8. Raw and semi-cooked foods –

Any raw food harmful for kids. It was perfectly cooked, the food can not be taken on their face. Their metabolism can take the trouble.

9. White processed cereals –

Processed white rice flour cereal and more children are fed. But it also produces glucose, which does not want to take sisudeha. High glucose and insulin levels in the body increases.

10. Adhesive meal –

Round dishes, food is the glue is not strong and fit sisudehe. Skip chocolate peanut butter or glue.


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