The second son of the family is different than that of 5


3-child001002Sometimes parents worry about the second child of the family is even more challenging. Most of the time the second child in the family is seen to be independent, self-reliant and corrupt people are totally different. But the second son of the family is really good of the people.

Children uranacandi kinds of families and children are much more self-sacrificing people said. But mejojanera features but inconspicuous. Many people do not understand how they think it gone. I think this kind of mentality makes them very different and good.

1) second lot better understand the value of children

Children are the stars and how to treat, how to maintain a relationship with them is a lot better understand what mejorai good. Because of the use of any of his big brother and sister without getting into trouble with his chotojanera to understand how to use it.

And he that is not of use to anyone as he returned from his chotajanera might find itself even taught herself. These two issues can not but think of the large and small children.

Ii) to develop self-reliant man, became parents, second child

Different kind of mother to child, because he was the first child to pull the FIG. And everyone’s favorite son as a man of small children are. But in fact, the parents of the children and young children, but the difference between the time the second child and that often can not. Therefore, the second son of the family, and a lot more self-developed.

3) If the attribute is being able to mix easily with the children in the second

Siblings ranging in age from understanding how to mix it up and learn from instinct took mejojana. Therefore, twisting roads with anyone quite like being able to carry a quality that can be created, and the youngest child of the family have not seen too much. For this reason, all the relatives had been like a second son.

4) proper evaluation can manage both small and large mejorai

What to do, how to run this quality too big and little brothers and sisters may have learned of the second child in the family. This is how to talk to the outside world that it is possible to manage it by myself.

5) second children are much more creative

Large and small children are more creative than the second child are. The nature of their thinking is a little different from everyone else. Brother or sister can be seen in the large number of normal living, but mejojana own creativity to work to establish the priority system’s progress. For this reason, parents are seen to be the cause of anxiety second child.


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