The story of a happy man


The story of a happy manMany people read the story of a happy childhood. The number of people less happy in real life. On November 30 we found really a happy man. Iqbal Habib said. Architects. Himself “happy man,” he said. It wanted to do in his life, as he has been. There is dissatisfaction about anything in his life. Or mod, Dhaka Hatirjhil project, Dhanmondi Lake and its surrounding area development projects, the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Tungipara tomb complex, agronomist Institute of Bangladesh (keaibi), the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Sylhet dusai risortasaha eye, one of the most important projects and architecture He draftsman. Architectural firm based architect Iqbal Habib, Managing Director of the multitude.
Hasibhora happy hour people began to wake up to. They walked around for about five kilometers prayers. He was a little exercise. Iqbal said, “The first light of the morning newspaper and read all of the hands. When flagging a “shaking up” and give. Office went to eat breakfast at nine o’clock. ‘Worth Sareen cell phone in a car.
Sthapatyacarca evening till six o’clock. Design briefing, client meetings, he has discussed the construction. “If something happens to journalists about the work environment in the city in time. Talk is a lie. “Iqbal Habib said. During the evening, a lot of the Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA) office. He was joint secretary of the organization. He was associated with several social organizations. Fellow and former joint secretary of the Bangladesh Institute of Architects.
Just how dear the environment, it has to see the door of the living room of the house at Dhanmondi Iqbal Habib said. Nonetheless Das’ Your desire to leave the “verses of the poem engraved on the glass on the door:” Go ye desire that I raye leaving the Bengal / dekhiba jackfruit leaves jhariteche morning air …. Another jasimuddin the doors of my house “poem” I go home hornet, down pimre / snack that will give / sali rice cimre.
Iqbal said, “if you can do something good in life, to love the land and the people. This will be the love of empathy, responsibility. “Since the fall of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and was associated with the different types of movement, so much of his poetry draws him. Now, if the story does not take much time to read the book before going to sleep at night, architecture and the environment he was in some book. Architect Louis I. Kahn Mazharul Islam and the philosophy of life influenced him.
Sixth grade reading time wanted to be a footballer. They want to be a singer. Song took lessons from a master bedarauddinera. Dhaka Residential Model School and College, read the lyrics Champion. ‘Architect or I would gayakai. Listen to music, sing very well. Witness the joy and pain of my life, music. Shahnaz Rahmatullah and Mahmudun the favorite artist. Farmgate entertained at a movie theater in front of a small book, buy the song. How many songs in my heart. “
It was a secret even went to his house. Architect wife, Shahnaz Parveen told Iqbal Habib experimental cuisine that is very good. But Iqbal Habib’s favorite food fish. “Sometimes I think it was well worth the birth of Bangladesh for eating fish. If the fish to taste like fish, salmon eat outdoors. “He said jokingly. Shadman two sons, Iqbal and Iqbal Abrar friendship with him too. When the family went to visit the country and abroad.
If you do not think much of dress in white and green robe like. Most of the clothing she had purchased. Home vest, T-shirt to wear, like Punjabi.
This is the story of Iqbal Habib happy man.


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