Beautiful winter


3bc9a9b0503cf5cc788c2ff72ccf9c4d-38Legs and feet are cold to walk walk. This chilling cold frost touches the skin is not comfortable for the body. Continues to grow with the increase in the prevalence of the winter, with a variety of skin problems. Oily skin, wash your face after the owners drop bamcalena extra oil from your skin is dry, tight feeling. And these are just a little dry skin, cold like a nightmare to them.
Talked about the problem of dry skin, skin and venereal disease department at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Prof. Shahidullah Sikder. He said that because of the winter weather, the skin becomes more dry. Some diseases that can be caused. Despite the extra skin is dry, apply moisturizer on a regular basis and if the holes should be understood that any of the problems. He will take the advice of a doctor.
Symptoms of dry skin
* Skin rough and dry air can be seen.
* The skin will be dry and dirty.
* After a bath or wash your face, take the skin tight.
* There may be itching feeling.
* Skin and Wrinkles will become more apparent in the lines can be.
* There may be reddish coloring.
* The skin may become whitish. The dead cells is increased.
Regular care can make the skin dry, smooth and healthy. To get back to normal moisture in the skin, so be aware of right now. Rupabisesajna his way Afroza Parveen said.
Suitable for skin or soft mayescarera phesaoyasa morning will clean the face with soap and water. Or a day at regular intervals to skraba good. The idea, or rinse your mouth with regular phesaoyasa skraba the skin becomes dry. But to cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells to make them shine is not an option. After a while, wash occasionally paints his face with carrot juice. The skin should be properly washed, black chopao decline.
After bath time
Now, under the shower, use soap. If you use soap and moisture. The patches on the skin effect will be reduced. Olive oil, coconut oil or any other oil before use, check the oil is suitable for you, then you can massage the whole body with warm light. After bathing, the more benefit it will be available.
Bath time feel comfortable with the extra hot water face, experts suggested to refrain from washing the head. Extra hot water damaged skin cells. As a result, the skin moisture is lost. Jojoba or almond oil with a few drops of water during bathing when the skin moist and smooth help.

After bathing and washing after each face moisturizer or lotion to wet conditions. This will maintain the moisture of the skin.

Before and after going out
Do not think that the coming winter has reduced the need to use a sunscreen. Carried out in the winter of 15-30 SPF sunscreen lotion 30 minutes before use. Use sunscreen with moisturizer over, if necessary, mixed with water for use.
On the face of it then washed the benefits of honey.

Before going to bed at night
A little more than a regular amount of sleep the night before the mayescaraijim skin lotion to remove the coarse expression. Luminosity of the skin to retain moisture and olive oil or liquid paraffin makhatena before you can sleep at night. The night before sleeping people aged less, they can use petroleum jelly. Age thirty-group is forced to use night cream.

Use phesapyaka
Afroza Parveen said, no matter how busy the whole day, in one to two days a week phesapyaka domestic use. When we take the time to clean the face with raw milk.
Suitable for oily skin, use a hot day, but the phesapyaka, they can not be used in the winter. If extra dry skin will burst. Use the phesapyaka skin, keep moisture in your skin and will help keep the skin soft and velvety.
Suitable for all skin types, some winter phesapyaka
* Banana paste + honey + almonds oil.
* Ripe papaya + + yogurt and honey.
* Cocoa powder + yogurt + honey.

Use tbakabhede mayescaraijarera
Dry skin
The main thing to keep skin dry skin moisturizer. Well, half a teaspoon of vitamin E and glycerin can put half a teaspoon per day mixed. To provide nutrition to the skin, egg yolks, 1 teaspoon of honey, half a teaspoon of olive oil and mixed for 15 minutes and wash it at all. You can use the two days a week.
Oily skin
Those with very oily skin, cleansing and mayescaraijinyera in the telachara (oil-free) to use the product. In the case of the domestic tomato juice is very effective moisturizer. After cleansing and toninyera lettuce leaf juice, honey and lemon juice can put. Pineapple, apple, ripe papaya mixed with honey can pack.
Mixed skin
You can use mild acne cleanser every day. However, dry skin moisturizer and put them to places of course. Pumpkin boiled sweet honey and milk amount catake mixed with massage and then wash 0 minutes. If you find it helpful to use the pack three times a week.
Remember, half to two liters of water a day to eat. Eating too much water in the skin to maintain moisture. Lots of winter vegetables and fruits to eat. Winter vegetables contain large amounts of anti-oxidants, which protect the skin.


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