Flower hair harness


Flower hair harnessAutumn! Shelly, catkin around the white cumulus clouds. Durga Puja is the voice of harness harness. The mind has started playing the drum takaduma takaduma Bowl.
So what! Like new clothes, saris, bangles much-key modifiers. Not how to collect your own to figure out how to turn. He barely much excitement.
What is forgotten in the midst of so many things? Combinations between the garb of your favorite hair sort? Thought? How to decorate your cularasi.
Thinking about hair flowers to decorate the worship of God? Yes, there is no pair of flowers that decorate the hair.
That is why I feel poet sang “Come my beloved queen, will khompaya stars and flowers ….” said Ferdous Ara najarulasangitasilpi. Wedding, birthday or the song appeared on stage with flowers everywhere, he arranged hair. Tamramate, hair flowers harness the eternal form of Bengali women. Khompaya gets his choice of fresh flowers anywhere. However, he is more like a garland gajarara. With Gold in the same color or contrasting color of the flowers she took khompaya occurrence. Red flowers with white saree. With red and white flowers. Green, pink, yellow and other colors of the sari she took to cope with the much phulatii. Belly, kathabelira wreath or Ripples, hue, fresh flowers all kathagolapasaha was selected as one of his favorites. Ferdous Ara, the hair dressed in a unique ornament of flowers.
Rahima Sultana in the form of the sort of hair with flowers before the age, personality, profession, social position, clothing, face type, hair cuts, Where are you going, what kind of programs or how splendid the ceremony, these matters should be. It should be understood that the swelling is where I want to keep themselves to admit how much.
Offering puja in the morning before going to recover a wet bathing can take elocule Ripples kathabelira. Or you can tuck into the ear of the flower sugindha as dolanacampa, lotus, hiptage benghalensis, Shelly wreath of flowers, jasmine, belly wreath of flowers, gardenia, white or red or kathagolapa Jaba. The fragrance of flowers in the form of sacred, bland, Phu phure will bring fresh ideas. Since the flowers sing, and does not stay in the sun, so they are ideal during the morning like Anjali. He dressed in saris or salwar-kamije Random pithamaya light hair may spread. However, if you want someone hanging can beni or hand. The bun, you can tuck into benira small flower folds folds. Anjalibela you will be dressed in such unusual.
However, the shape of the mouth of a small, round-shaped flowers should use a small flat. The elongated shape of the face of those who spread them, you can use the big flower compared with the colors of clothing. The white flowers with the fitting clothes. Red lips, red colored with red tips, roses, hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Dalia will enjoy wearing diamonds. Pink lips, wearing green Lawa go baganabilasao one cluster of small leaves. The various bunophuleo sentence.
You can hand the hair bun, bun beni, high bun, round bun, paniteila, beni dates, etc. phrencarola. Since the summer house of worship in the temple and have a look around the idol. So the hair sample pack Rahima Sultana face a tight bound.
Here, many of the flower market to buy a home in the garden or around the house is not available. Glyadiolasa different colors available in the market, jarabera, roses, kathabeli, etc. kathagolapa. 0-30 Money can be found in the flowers. However, there are some flowers not available in stores but in order to be able to bring the flower vendors said.


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