Fashion figure must!


Fashion figure must!Going to buy a new wardrobe upset! These clothes were making a ‘size zero’ for authority figures. If you happen to admit a little heavy structure? Where do I fit the clothing? What if you do not think of the harness and vest dream gig?
Owners of heavy makeup of our country is fitting clothing store is no different. In the West, it has launched the ‘plus size fashion. Melissa McCarthy Hollywood actor has recently launched the collection of the clothing.
Fashion world, it is quite appreciated. (Source: ET Online)
Have not seen such initiative in the country will get out a little with his form fitting clothing. However, he would like to keep some things in mind.
Halloween-body structure or a little heavy, so he will go back to bhabanate fashion? Of course not. When you can not figure out the beauty, but if anything is to look at the smug. Saha fashion revolution, “never overweight is not good for health. So, of course, will try to maintain fitness. They have little fat, they need to be aware of yourself. “
They do not stay behind the fashion. Your clothing should be considered before selecting, wearing a vest, take comfort from his own and other people’s eyes would look like. Very shocking or bright colors such as orange, pink to darker color is a good idea after all. Stripe patterns on the clothing you put on the portrait looks like, look fatter dorate landscape. Print large force or great design does not wear good clothes. Clothing that is too tight or loose to crime
Should be.
Saha gave advice for revolution. According to him, a fitting and comfortable T-shirt. However, in the selection of the check shirt is avoided. Panjabi short or too long, rather than the medium-sized Punjabis like to admit. More than five inches in women is not as wide border sarees. Kamije cut frock is a lot more stuff, so there is more fat. After a very short sleeves, three-quarter sleeve is worn. However, the fitting sleeve. Haikalara or do not wear off like neck dress. While that will not be seen again on the back too, will be in the middle. Gold would look better if curidara or less block. Jeans do not go well with the shorter phatuyara. Jewelry is very heavy, but admit light. But if he can continue to reorganize itself as well, but the short, tight clothes can cope with his personality.
On one hand, to dress, how to harness? The rupabisesajna Kaniz Almas Khan, when the hair would look better if you leave. Byansa or any other part of the face covered with hair cut and go. In a good idea to tie or swelling of the hair iron is left. Sajata should be aware that it is bland. Matt kind of makeup to use. Kajol is best to make a big drag. Thick with brush and paint under the eyes to see if it’s good to take a little mixed. Eyebrows can not be more than fine. Blasana planting time, mix well. Tip is not very large, but it is better to admit the tip of the goal mouth for long.


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