Be aware of the power and district administrator


dddThe fourth national electricity and fuel camp orientation course on behalf of the guest, Deputy Commissioner mejabaha
Mesbah Uddin said Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong, is our national wealth. A concerted effort to protect resources. 2sa just 3 megawatts of power generation in the country was in the past. BNP-Jamaat government has Tongi 80 MW power plant. There is now also closed. At the time when the electricity does not come easily. But the Awami League government came to power in 009 people in the last 6 years, various projects to meet the needs of the electricity production in the country increased by more than tripled. The government wants the country to produce 1213 MW of electricity. But our country has a gas crisis. Diesel or furnace oil to produce one unit of electricity consumption by 16 to 18 rupees. Where gas costs amount to only 1 in 86 paisa to Rs. Diesel or furnace oil to generate electricity through the use of government money going through 14 to 15 per unit for the company. And we’re only 5 rupees per unit of electricity bills. Bhuurtuki the government has the money. Every year, the Ministry of Finance the power sector is going through bhurtuki 8 billion. It is possible due to the government’s sincerity and efficient administration. Therefore, the continuation of development of the waste rodhasaha be aware of all the electricity used.
The victory on Friday morning when the electricity Agrabad in Chittagong Bangladesh skautas organized the 4th National Power and regional level of the fuel in the camp, he said while addressing orientation course.
He said that in the past due to electricity theft system until the lodge was 2830%. Today it has dropped to 1213%. Government initiatives to prevent theft of electricity outages across the country and in many parts of the city has launched a pre-preida meters. In some places the electricity meter has been pre-preida Chittagong. Pre-preida meters of power and to bring the Chittagong Chittagong Circuit House recently a member of the Planning Commission have been meeting with the stakeholders. I hope in the next few days the use of electricity meters implementation of pre-preida one to prevent the theft of electricity, while the system will reduce the Lodge. As a result, people will save more power and capacity will be increased. The Scouts region, cattametro and urged the district to work with one of the team members.
Secondary and Higher Education and Deputy Director of the Regional Scout Commissioner of Chittagong Mohammad Aziz Uddin presided over the orientation course, was the special guest of the Power Development Board Executive Engineer Zahoor Ahmed Chowdhury and Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Raju Sharfudden foundation.
Scouts spoke to the secretary of the Chittagong region mojakira Hossain elati Orientation course Zahoor Ahmed Foundation, on behalf of the regional headquarters of the district administration for the region Scouts is to provide an air conditioner.
Skautas Chittagong region of Bangladesh, cattametro and district party secretary, skautas Cub Leader and Leader were present. Ads kakaka


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