Russia is preparing for nuclear war!


Russia is preparing for nuclear war!Russia has stepped up its preparations for a third world war. For the ‘Resurrection aircraft “to get a quick drive-President Vladimir Putin has ordered. The country is preparing for nuclear war.

-80 To iliusina bimanagulokei model is called ‘Judgment aircraft. When the place of nuclear war in the control room was destroyed, but will act as the control room of the airplane flying. The aircraft is made in such a way that they are almost impossible to overcome.

The whole world is with the United States and Russia in the air. These States’ Rising air saying.

According to Britain’s Daily Star newspapers, such iliusina-to-80 Model-built two-week Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered to be usable.

The test flight of the aircraft has completed several media reports that several countries.

According to the media, said Russian military experts, the high capacity of 015 at the end of this fighter will be ready for war. But Putin has ordered to prepare them in two weeks. Since the creation of the state of war with Russia, Turkey, who is believed to have been ordered.

Iliusina ready-to–80 aircraft research and project director alekasandra kamiyakabha the biggest feature of this aircraft is unbeatable it, it can not be defeated. When directed to a specific place on the ground of war and destruction, it can be identified. From the point of this plane in the sky, so it is very difficult to detect.

Mulakaja kamiyakabha said about themselves, the main task is to maintain connect under extremely unfavorable conditions. If the infrastructure is destroyed on the ground, but the war and the plan is correct, it must be noted here.

In the meantime, Syria, the Islamic State (ISO) controlled the target of bomb attacks in Russia more than a thousand. The complaint, ISO hidden oil trade with Turkey as Turkey and Russia had shot down an aircraft.

The situation heated up in two weeks ‘Rising air’ refers to the preparation of the war is expected to bring forward further.


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