Winter sajakatha


Winter sajakathahow are you all? Indeed, good. With the wedding season and the winter came to see. And during the winter, as an essential part of both the makeup and the festival became the most thrilling. As the wedding season is now underway, are marred almost every week, someone invited. He’s not afraid of getting lost in the swing of summer makeup is like a punishment. Sajale How good would that look? What to do and what not to do; Dotanaya to go after these people. So I will try to help the reader with some tips on winter makeup today.

In case you can skraba makeup base at the beginning of frozen dead cells of the skin can be up to. According to the type of skin moisturizer and makeup before use. Primer will start with the makeup base. Base in the medium-to-high during the day and at night the light-to-medium coverage that you can use Foundation.

Character color and skin tone that can be heard for many people kansilarah kansilara the match after dark under the eyes is still the idea. Kansilarera for their characters before you need to use. There are dark spots under the eyes of the characters do not use the color orange. Red spots or pimples on the nose, it has many of the reddish color of mint green is just a character. Yellow color to the pale color of the skin of the character best suited for their skin. I will write more about this in future articles. Character Color kansilara after use.

Koror is the key to any tbakei bhalobhabeh set to blend makeup to the skin, it’s well mixed, blended karaphaundesanera in the Beauty Blender stipalim brush or makeup sponge or a wet skin by pressing down gently with a chip to use. Finally, the setting powder to the base set. Use the blending brush to suit the eye.

Use a glowy look after makeup hailaitarah Finnish hailaitara to bring chickweed, sow, sow bra, right in the middle of the bridge of the nose. Dewey and the Face Foundation for Luke to be able to mix with the liquid hailaitara or soft kanatorim mekaape luminetarasitakale day, and at night for kanatorim Dark shades can give a little more. If you want to get fancy jazzy night branjara can use easily. Blasa blasera soft pink tone or pitch like it.

Sajeh lip makeup trend this year has been the year of the reign of a lot in matte lipstick. Light to Dark, Matt or Velvet finishing lipstick was all ranei triumph. A little taste of winter can be. So, matte or semi-matte as well as at the invitation of the little worms can sort lip style lipastikei. However, before the lipstick with Lip Balm will.

Note that during the course of makeup

Haq, regardless of skin type, do not forget to put makeup before the moisturizer. A little heavier than normal and oily skin moisturizer dry skin moisturizer to light.
Dark Brown, Maroon, berry, plum; Sajei the color fits the bill. Pearl eye to the lip shade, shadow Finnish syatina or simari day.
IK little Dramatic smoky eyes water line in order to use white paint can. Dark brown eye shadow on the following days smaja. Thick layer of mascara two to three times a day.
Red, Maroon, the bold magenta color of the eyes, do not attempt to use. Skin tone deaf to the women of our country is not fit for the eyes. I choose mekaape navy blue, green, purple shade.
I do not use lipstick with smoky colored high. Heavy armor such as the eyes, lips and light pink, soft brown lipstick in neutral colors. The darker the color of the eyes, lips adore nyacrala to choose the color of eye shadow. The balance will be garb.
You can use lipstick with matching nail polish. Or can the French manicure.
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