Pull the reins ruksataya Agharr hair today!


Pull the reins ruksataya Agharr hair today!At the tip of the hair coarseness! At the tip of the stick when the amcarate arrive. What came out of this tangle of hair that is rent is calculated. But why is that? Is there a way to get rid of the question?

Commercial use of hair products due to more substandard and unwholesome food intake due to the weakening of the hair gets to come up with a work so coarseness. The trouble is the only way to get rid of, we think neyake tip off. But do not cut off the ends of the head that does not reduce the acrimony.

This is not the way to salvation, but there are ways to rein ruksataya! -House to reduce the coarseness of hair left naresim was given a recipe. Ulleksita down some elements of the document and remove the Super naresim hair left today. At the tip of the hair to apply regularly. But of course, would clean the hair.

Which will

60 g butter sei
30 g cocoa butter
30 g coconut oil
0 jajaba oil
0 g camellia seed oil
3 g kyastara oil
1 g walnut oil
Twenty grams of natural wax
1 g of vitamin E
Lavender, and Rosemary Essential Oil plant lemongrass .With (3: 1 ratio)
You can get any of these ingredients megasape.


How to Create

With the exception of essential oil in a pan on the stove with all the materials. Put in the oven medium heat. Stir ingredients with a spoon. Remove from the oven, mix all ingredients together well.
Kautaya glass or tin before pouring essential oil is mixed. The hot mixture will keep in the refrigerator to be set. Now create your own hand-made hair left to use.
How To Use

– Ends too rough when you can use every day. 3/4 days of the week, you can put.

– Take small amounts of hair left finger. Then two hands, two fingers and gently rub down niiye At the tip of the hair to take it on.

– Light hair wet hair will absorb the hair on the left and planted too early. Additional tailaktabhaba hair sticky hair oil is nayadi will be realized if the hair on the left than to the extent you have set.

Remember that the hair naresim left home at 1 month in parabenaniyamita use 100 percent of the coarseness of the hair does not have to work so. At the tip of the hair will fall from the previous tender. Keep everyone healthy and beautiful. Thanks.


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