Keep your child healthy this winter


Keep your child healthy this winterThe sun has reduced sharpness. Chilling cold wind was blowing. That is the message in advance of the winter. Now it’s time to watch a little attention to your child. Since the start of the winter cold by increasing the level of child care, fever, cough, runny nose, get rid of the possible.

It is natural that the kids are restless and indomitable will. This does not mean that they extended the warning to them not to pay. Of course they are playing, but the cold does not harm some tips that can take care of themselves on their winter dhukiye dinaete your child will enjoy as much to the delight of the anxiety can be reduced.

1. Hand wash

Tips on very general. Barachota applies to everyone. It is very important for young children. This practice is common to many diseases if they stay away from it. So your child is at least 30 seconds with a time of Rashidul Hasan Rashid Rinse hands well. If you can not count to 30 seconds to tell the child twice while washing their hands to wash their hands and say Happy birthday tune.

II. Vitamin food

School Box, during breakfast, lunch and even breakfast, evening meals with your child’s growing list of healthy foods and do not see what she is eating. Children usually do not like to eat vegetables and fish. How do mothers risk are closed. In case your santarera favorite cartoon, movie heroes (Spiderman, Batman) speaks characters. For example, “spaidaramyanera so you know what power or hand out fake! Much of the vegetables consumed. “Thus, to something that can feed rileta. And if that does not work when the flu or a cold, suffering light to remind you to eat the foods you eat and you could win a battle with German pustiguna you stay healthy. This meant that the children should be explained. Who is the mother of all the ideas, but can not bring matei.

3. Do not share

I’m a little upset to hear. Each child’s mother or father should be developed in such a way that all the happiness and sorrow from the food to the Sheba learned to share. But this winter is not a good time. Meals, after sneezing and wash it by hand shake or hand in the face of the bag, napkins, preventing your child from sharing the same dress. Explain the process.

4. Sijanala disease

At the beginning of winter cold fever. At the end of the spring (Pox) to get rid of it can be hard for adults. However, if your child is small, but it increases the incidence of flu at the time of the baby not to go out like this. The house guests have come to know about the day before bebike lap. Nowadays, however, we are all very conscious while the kids have to carry and cuddle. From the outside, the hand washing and mouth kiss bacchake not touched the child on the lap of a sneeze all know that it is not right.

But the children who go to school, how they will protect you from the flu? During this time of growing children, as small children, preventing more people from interacting. If necessary, put the mask on out.

5. Enough Sleep

There was a time when going to sleep at 10, it means what it means to wake up and 6am. Kids nowadays the tendency is to stay awake in the night. During the winter, it is not only the kids to bed early at night, always keep the habit of reading. Sleep is the body’s immune system strong and healthy body has to deal with diseases.


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