The male relations more importance than the food!


Untitled-1fdfduyguguyAccording to researchers in the United Kingdom and the United States, certain brain neurons (nerve cells) due to the presence of cases the male sexual relations emphasis than good food. However, similar neurons in the case of women because they are the second choice of the sexual relationship.

According to The Telegraph, diet and sexual relations between men and women have experimented with distinction at University College London, UK and New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers in the United States. Research published in the science journal Nature.

The researchers’ study on nematoda oyarma run. Krmisaha a variety of different types of parasitic worms in this class. According to the researchers, the physiology of the animals structure matches this season. In the study, women and men are held around the insect. They are closely followed by the meal. After a certain time, there is nothing to eat insects, despite the man’s wife moved towards the insect.

According to research scientists claim there are differences in the composition of the male and female brain. However, before the matter was under debate. Between researchers and feminists have been arguing for decades in favor of or against.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, according to researcher Scott emanasera, research on small animals, food and sexual relations between men and women, but it is quite helpful to understand the situation. Although not studied in humans it is called, is the male brain, which contain a specific type of neurons in the brain of women. Some of the difference is due to the usual emphasis yayasi man!…


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