Flower Decorations


Flower DecorationsNot only drsyasukha, rupataneo beautiful phuledera bhara matching pair. Cosmetic chemicals since the birth of the era of the ancient women to take care of skin and hair has phuledera hand. The key to the hidden beauty of nature in the hands of the chest, and there was that look suluka phuledera


Skin toners and klinasara tremendous effect as the water rose. Tan hathate or acne to deal with rose water and sandalwood paste, mixed with crushed rose petals use. Pabenai fruit. Stress to remove the smell of roses. Skalpe tulote with rose water and apply. Hair will rigrotha. Hathateo rose water works great ink below the eye.


Lavender plenty of vitamins A, D and E, which is very beneficial for the hair and skin. Ayakane resistance of bacteria to resist. Boil water with lavender flowers. Byabahaka this mixture to the affected areas with cotton ayakane. Yogurt Orange Peel powder to skin whitening and a few drops of lavender oil added to the mixture and apply to the face. Skyalpe apply lavender oil mixed with olive oil. Khusaki magically be cured.


Always known for the smell of jasmine. Aroma is very beneficial for the skin and hair of eksotika. Jumiyera petals mixed with honey will tinatina makhale skin to age. Jasmine paste, oatmeal, juice, rose water and pack potatoes ayakanera acne spots, pigamentesana the quick fix. Paste jasmine, honey, oil ayamanda Make a paste and apply on. Take 15 minutes after the shampoo. Silky smooth your hair will be.


If you want to highlight the soft skin, Joba is perfect for you. Jabara petals spelling and paste enhanced. Mixed with sandalwood powder and apply to face. If you have dry skin, mix with a little cream. Boil the water with the water that jabara paparigulo remove the dry pack. Anti-Aging Property of the fastener has jabara. Aloe prison jabara paste and mix stain to remove spots on the face, to prevent premature skin shriveled. Joba prevents hair fall.


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