Baby skin care during the dry season


Baby skin care during the dry seasonThe loss of moisture to the skin to retain moisture Amacom. There are also different opinions about baby skin care. This season’s dry skin care and cosmetics applied to the skin of the other children in the context suggested Suhrawardi Medical College Professor and Head of the Department of Children Afroja Syeda. She adults, children cosmetics, skin can be difficult to cope. Cosmetics baby’s skin should be tailored so that the children all the time. Six-seven-year-old children from newborn care she gave many suggestions.

Avoid dry

Baby skin lotion can be used to dry climates. This will help to retain moisture in the skin of the baby. Suitable for children’s skin lotion should be good, but the brand’s skin.

Petroleum jelly?

Some want to use petroleum jelly on the baby’s whole body. However, the baby’s whole body should apply petroleum jelly. You can use petroleum jelly on the baby’s lips.

Talk about oil

Many people think of oil on the skin of children will lagatei. Afroja Syeda said, there is no obligation to apply baby oil on the skin. Olive oil massage before bathing the baby’s skin can be. At the time of the baby’s skin will keep the oil grids. Some children were caught cold in his chest-back oil massage. It is not fair. As a result, the child’s problem may increase in sweat.

When the powder

If the weather is not cold baby powder can be used on the skin. However, it is not right to put too much powder at once. A thick layer of powder for the baby uncomfortable.

Soap delicate skin

You do not need to give the baby soft skin with soap every day. Karalei bathing the baby’s skin will be cleaned on a regular basis. Suitable for the use of soap and soap to choose baby’s skin. Adults use soap that is not fit for the child’s skin. Baby soft skin is not applied to adults, like soap.

The last sport

When children return home at the end of the sport out of his hands and feet a day to clean the skin. Children may suffer from stomach bugs to eat dirt. Thus the children learned to take the hand washing habit.
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