Save your skin from pollutants


Save your skin from pollutantsLike our body, our tbakerao to remove toxic substances. Various types of chemicals and toxic substances every day of our skin and into the body.

Dermatologists and laser surgeon Dr. Mukadama who said additional toxic substances or phusakari skin acne, allergies, dry skin, asthma, skin normal color change, etc. pijoraisisa problems.

Another dermatologists and laser surgeon Dr Goel said aparatima, toxic substances into the body that normally do not come out. Mouth or through the skin or inhaled toxic substances into our bodies. Skin caring toxic contents. For example, makeup, rupacarcara products.

Metal: crimson sbetadhatu, Lead (lipistike is used), arsenic, copper and other metals in the food goes into the stomach. Moreover, makeup and skin care products through a toxic substance enters our body. Toxic substances in our body’s natural process that goes to the state and can not get out.

Environmental pollutants components: environmental pollutants, sulfur gas, carbon monoxide, dust, harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, drought, etc.

Contaminated drinking water: toxic substances, bacteria, fungus, spores, parasites, eggs, etc. are due to contaminated water.

Ways to save: Most drug metabolism through the liver and kidney. Part of the additional chemicals can damage our skin and to others. Creates black spots on the skin for a long time to iron stomach. The use of harmful toxic substances can reduce the chances good for our health. Our use of these substances are more harmful chemical elements in the prasadhanite have to be careful. –


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