Change me, say diapers


Change me, say diapersWhat do you have forgotten to change the pressure on the baby’s diapers? Sensation and turned the baby cry. Do not say that you are going to be playing with wet diapers with the baby comfortably and has a leg. Fruit, baby skin rash admission.

Work a little trouble! What would happen if dayaparai would tell you to go to her wet? The sensor is purchasing the diapers. Your baby’s crying before the sensor will tell you whether or not to change diapers. Such acts can not remove it safely. No child will be safe.

Singapore, a team of scientists to think about the health of the baby’s diapers on the market to bring this about. But now the market all over the world do not match.

How to give the diapers? A sensor strip, compact wireless transmitter and a receiver that will act jointly. Who will tell the transmitter the sensor wet diapers. The transmitter will be reaching your mobile number. Just before the diapers of the sensor system to be connected with your mobile nambarati-ABP


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