Banabhasi next Shahrukh Khan Chennai


Banabhasi next Shahrukh Khan ChennaiFlood Survivors in Chennai, India Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan appeared to help.
The whole team is with him, and his production house Red cilija Entertainment Dilwale.
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund decided to donate one million.
King Khan himself said in a letter to Chief Minister himself ekatha. The death toll has already exceeded 300 flood-hit town. One liter of milk being sold in packets of 100 rupees. 150 rupees a bottle of water. Of course the whole town is still scrambling for drugs. There is no electricity in her. Bidyutbahi are drowning her out of the poles in the area. Recommended disaster still live.

Earlier, Rajinikanth, cricket Murali Vijay, Chennai asbinasaha multiple personality has extended a helping hand. Add to that list the names of the SRK and the team dilaoyalera. Source: Ananda –


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