Kangana was in love with Shahrukh Khan!


Kangana was in love with Shahrukh Khan!Kahaani simaranera royal love across the screen. He sat in front of the TV without moving a little eight-year-old. ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le yayenge the love story that was very good to her daughters as well lagenikintu photo hero.

The eight-year-old girl who knows what? He ranaoyata kangana. Baliudera ‘Queen’.

Dilwale Dulhania Le yayenge ‘was released when he was just eight years old. Just sat for the picture to see the rapid utsahe nayakakei liked her a lot more.

As the old king had fallen in love at first Bollywood Kangana. After many days he had leaked the secret itself.

Shah Rukh Khan has always preferred. Even Shah Rukh’s ‘Devdas’ in view kangana wept uncontrollably.

Because, as he said, actually went to see Devdas was a hardship that I can not tell what’s inside. Source: Ananda


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