Afghan Romeo and Juliet


file-(2)Sahityangane each country has played an important role in the country’s men and women loving relationship narrative. Matrikata different times and cultures across the country to meet the relationship, but the relationship to the original, but lovers. Zakia Ali Afghanistan and their “illegal” because almost everyone knows love. Literature, not in the real world, these two lovers Zakia Ali Hazara, the Tajik-born Sunni Muslim and Shiite Muslim tribes. Both religions believe in the same doctrine, and two different people will love because of their two-day ‘illegal’. Romeo and Juliet in the famous English writer seksapiyerera a lot of character as they model.

Rod Nordland, a journalist Romeo and Juliet This is the first found in Afghanistan. A position he peyecilena the end of their life through the death could have been an honor. The lovers met with the rod after the international media had published an article on them. Fortunately, some of the articles in the prestigious apparent death occurs, and they survived. But the suffering is not over yet.

His new book, “The labharasa ‘title with a red” I thought of my next and final part of the article that I will finish it this way, how her family had stabbed her dark night. At that time, all of us could be attacked. Then the page will change. And that’s how the story usually ends. But I was wrong, and in fact it was actually just the beginning. “

With faith and they ran away from home and loved ones through diverse events, they continued to struggle to survive. Rod words, they are not conventional education. Could they ever school. One or two-year age difference between the two. But the surprising thing is that the lives of these two poems have occupied an important place. But they do not know to read or write, but they are with local popular sangitagulora were involved. “

The book labharasa Norrland jabanite Rod’s face, singing a romantic song of the Pashtun said. Ali, who sang the song jakiyake. Rod and his own version of the song is highlighted in the book.

“Come, my dear!
Let me show you through my chest,
This is where my heart is naked! ‘

Zakia’s relationship with a strange sense of humor aspect of their literature. Zakia Ali, in his own words to the song written in the Pashtun areas of the Pashtun elders started slowly in the romantic character of the biblical character went on explaining. It is an emotional moment in their lives, there are a large part of the jurei. Such a scene in a remote region of a country like Afghanistan is really rare.

Zakia accept their relationship was not an easy task given the social recognition. And such social problems because he knew how much the wedding was not unknown to him, too, may be in danger. Ali, on the one hand and the Shia Muslim Hazara tribe, people were banned from Zakia and her whole side of the family’s honor, too easily taken steps that he knew. Even the slightest thought to kill his family members that he was not aware of this fact.

Afghanistan still has a peculiar rules. According to the law, any male member of the family in order to save the family honor by killing a woman, then a two-year maximum sentence could be law-abiding. There are many instances where the girl’s family to the death penalty in the country for a few years, continues in court. Everyone knows that, eventually, the court will give judgment in favor of killing the girl and the brutal reality of the death of the girl had to wait for the inevitable. The same thing happened in Afghanistan over the coming years.

After two relationship and Zakia Ali fled home early. Zakia’s father was outraged by the violent incident. Rod in response to his father, “I took an oath in the name of God, which I brought my daughter home. As a part of my body. How to let go with a boy like him? “Note that 001 in a Thomson Reuters poll of women in Afghanistan was identified as the most dangerous country.

Zakia barren desert on one side and looked bored. Ali, an Afghan singing voice and kannabijarita end. Journalist middle of their rods. Ali’s voice tune into contact with the air and the hot sands of the desert wind visible on the maricikara wander heartbreaking sadness. Thus, even in the name of the boyfriend girlfriend eyelids, a fresh cold descends on the nature of the image.

The New York Times that her life-Ali, the international media after the event became the center of interest at home and abroad, they are equal. They went on to become immortal in the eyes of several generations of Afghanistan. The war-torn and worn into a relationship of love that the young people could go the way of death, taking the example of Zakia-Ali. Not only the family, tribe, people and two large live each day of their escape. Trying to get out of the country several times, but they could passport-visa complications. Yet today the signing of their love child with the family of one of the unknown in Afghanistan, they have set. Maybe tomorrow will be a storm ruin their family, but they are living each moment to the next moment, to survive.


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