Scarf / Muffler gets change Make your own style


ScarfThe weather changed with the change of clothes. So to escape from the cold, and everyone got a chance to change his style. The old uniforms were changed this season, with winter clothing.

Jeans, sweater made of, in addition to covering various styles associated with the weeny, muffler and scarf in different colors, as something you do to protect you from the dust, as well as added a new dimension in the context of fashion. Skirt, vest tops, or whatever, why not use the dress comes with a matching scarf Muffler and varied.

Let’s learn a few paddhati gets no muffler or scarf

On the back side of the neck scarf with a large side of the small arekapasa Take it round twice. Then he locked the back side of the turn. Take a look in the mirror and adjust.

Take a scarf or muffler round once. The middle part of the round and another round the inside of the insert maphalarera one pass into the outer side of the Extract. Take a look at yourself in the mirror integrated. Look at the picture below.

Fold the neck to the back of a muffler. If the opening goal in a secluded part of the inside of a portion of the insert. Another part of it with a screw to the insert.

A large scarf to tie around your neck with the flowers, and it is curved on one side of the day. And it looks like it will appear dijainatio scarf.

Light a large scarf around his neck with a tie day. Bring the lower part of the turn again. Please adjust.

Take a square scarf. Take a lap around the neck and once again it konakoni. The middle note is at the corner of the neck. It would like to see.

Muffler is a wide open side of the neck and folded into the inside part of the arekapasera. After moving the shoulders on either side. This winter will be less than would be nice to see.

In addition, not just the neck, a scarf to protect hair beneficial. It was wearing different hairstyles. Many ways to wear a scarf.

Where can I find?

The city’s New Market, Chandni Chowk, shopping centers and suparasapagulote found in any desired bangabajarasaha Muffler and scarf.

The different style scarf give it a try, you will increase much beauty!


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