Understand how to develop your baby is normal!


Understand-how-to-develop-yThe issue is whether the child’s physical and mental growth, just like the majority of the parents are a little worried. How many of the normal development of any age have the right idea. Many of the children in the absence of a clear concept of Developmental delay- not understand the important steps to grow in terms of medical science is called “Developmental Milestones”. Let’s know some important milestones, which indicate that the child is growing properly.

6 weeks:

Children will eye contact. For some time 6-8 weeks.
Head Control may somewhat. However, stiff neck at around 6 months.
Social Smile approximately 6 weeks at the start.
Children 6-8 weeks “cooing” will start. vowel uttered cooing refers to as “A”, “and”
## 4 months:

Well cooing at the time was styablisada.
Children will start bubbling. Refers to a bubbling consonant pronunciation, such as “or” “No”
6 months:

Back to Support (eg pillow) would be able to sit down. However, independent sitting is usually 7-8 months. 6 months is a bubbling well established.
Children 6-10 months will crawl.
1 month:

Learn to stand.
Clapping their hands and waving bye bye shown learn.
Mother / father who will be able to say the word small.
Some look to it with your finger does. Pointing also to learn.
18 months:

You’ll learn to walk. Some say will understand.
Different parts of the body such as the eyes, nose, fingers will be able to show. • Pretend play: T-sets, playing with toys or kitchen set.
3.5- 4 years:

To be more clear. Conversation with parents, brothers and sisters can be.
Brother, or sister to play with peers. Some cases may be more or less than the specified period. However, the gap is not too much of course. These are the steps I was growing up. However, we need to have our ideas about autism. Many of us are very familiar with the word autism. The issue was discussed a lot in recent years autism parents are more aware than ever before. Let’s get to know some of the red flag signal of autism.
Red flags for autism:

1. At one year, if not bubbling. Do not even look in the direction of anything finger.

II. If you do not express interest in something and not share it with anyone Activities.

3. At 1 year, 4 months, if not utter a letter. If you can not say two words at the age of two.

4. Taught language or social skills at any age if you start to forget. be well . Stay healthy. Good luck to everyone.


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