Let darling asthma risk free


Let-darling-asthma-risk-freOrauri additional dust in the air during this time is the weather. Children are breathing more easily into the disease can cause asthma. Moreover, food allergies, or if the child’s response to medication in the blood is caused by a variety of chemicals. After the material is sensitive sbasanalike shrink. The result can be asthma as a child.

However, the increase in child respiratory diseases, asthma, he can not be called. Children under the age of two months, 40 to 50 times per minute, breathing normally. Two months less than one year old child breathes 50 times per minute. Again, from one to five years less than a child breathes 40 times per minute. When a child breathes more than usual might be called a child has asthma or pneumonia. Children age allergy induced asthma is more prevalent or etapika.

This type of asthma seen in asthma or allergies hereditary presence of the mother or the father. A lot of smoke, house dust, animal dander, feathers, grass and pollen, certain foods, ice cream and chilled foods, aspirin causes the origin of asthma drugs etopika. The prevalence of allergic asthma may be at any time. The use of drugs such as sodium kromoglaiketa a lot of asthma in children can be cured.

In those cases where it is not possible to eliminate all appropriate services and treatment of asthma can be suppressed. Tai

– Children should not be allowed to play in the sand and dust.

– Clean cotton cloth will be covered.

– Use baby bed sheets or clothes made of cotton, which is preferable.

– Children can not be absolutely cold weather.

From the beginning of modern medicine is the treatment of the child if the child’s asthma is a very good result. About 75 percent of the general level of asthma on children between the ages of 14 to 15 was good. On the other hand, about 50 percent of children diagnosed with moderate asthma were good at around the same age.

Some adult children with asthma strongly after the rogatite could suffer. So it is the duty of parents and guardians in their children’s asthma attack is suspected to be the beginning of an expert doctor. Keep sonamanike asthma risk free.


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