Niso-Urmila ‘No ayanasara


Niso-Urmila 'No ayanasaraHeld by a young filmmaker. Sohan sayem lover. Soha as much love or care from sayem wants, not what he gets. Therefore, hold them forever. Sohan Sayem stage left.

Sayem do not feel too bad at first. He was busy with his work. Making new friends, and goes out with girls. At one point in his life, but it seems sayem sohanakei actually need.

And so held sohanake proposed marriage. Although he agreed to marry the love Sayem Sohan anger. But their relationship is headed for worse. As the wedding day is near, the distance between themselves and the dispute grew more. Galpei that have already been created on the occasion of Valentine’s Day ‘No ayanasara. Syed Irfan Ullah’s story, wrote the screenplay and directed the play Kajol Arefin I thought.

The play will be aired on RTV Feb 14. The main roles of tax Shrabanti Afra Niso and Urmila.

Kajol, Arefin Omi, director, said: “Valentine’s Day is to make them come to the story of the drama is over. But no-ayanasara ‘play, we got into a situation. A reality show. The drama that the audience will see, is why? I could not even imagine!


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