Perfect like pictures! Take note, shoot some tips


Perfect like pictures! Take note, shoot some tipsThere is something special about each individual samayerai. Let each of different ages can be seen. This example is now on Facebook, Instagram era. And now the picture of the daily work. There is nothing bad in it. Who does not want a nice picture of yourself to share with friends. So the wedding, invitation, wandering, even sitting at the table reading the images that we post. Beautiful pictures of the photo, as well as other friends and I sometimes funny moments.

But there is a lot of time took a lot of pictures, but not one maneramato. Who does not feel bad if you say so. So I do not know just a few tips on taking pictures.

1) aloh image is very important to keep in mind about the light. Natural daylight is the best or comes into the picture. However, from 11am until noon, two rings of light that does not have a picture like this. That there is a whole bunch of bright orange light in the morning and in the afternoon it comes to the best picture.

Inside the house, took pictures and try to take a picture next to a window or door, so that natural light is available. If you can not still try to avoid fluorescent lighting. And the light source is not just overhead.

Ii) a better place Take a look around kampojisanah when taking photos. So that the film does not leave anything unnecessary.

Take a picture of the level of the eye. The eye can not be understood without a lot more float and double in China.
Artistic or face a slimming effect wherever you want to take pictures of the shadow of sense.
Rule of three parts thardah photo phrematake mind share. Put yourself in the frame and then the first 1/3 or 3 parts. Would like crazy. Please note the image below.
3) Take imagine phremah frame before taking pictures. If the picture looks like jiometrikyala pattern in the frame.

Try to bring in another frame within the picture frame. It may be doors, windows, or two trees as well.
Raising both hands holding the camera with one hand selaphi Take photos. This will act as a frame for your hands.
4) Keep in mind that byakagraunadera byakagraunadah photo.

Inside the house, the walls can be raised pictures. Many people like to take pictures in front of the dressing table, we note that the tables are not as messy and untidy condition of your house in order not to be seen in the mirror. Do not take pictures of the bathroom mirror and forgotten. It is not at all attractive.
Took him out of the picture and try to portray the image of the story. If you are looking for a place as landscaping pictures is just the nature of these things. If you need to wait. However, events such as fairs, concerts of the different topics.
5) pose or directly at the camera while taking pictures bhangimah looking around the neck or head a little bit up and down to look at the eyes. The eyes look bigger.

6) Who said anything new bhabunah will traditionally take pictures! Just take a photo of the face, the eyes do not make films. He says the eye of the mind. Or growing up away from the water with a dive moments. Take photos from any position, but not forgotten dakaphesa.

For photos of our time, so take pictures, hold the memory.


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