With Jeet, Nusrat Faria


With Jeet, Nusrat FariaWas, King film actor Jeet Kolkata will play against the Jazz Jolly discovered a new heroine. But fate jalira sike not torn. Finally sisters fared Nusrat Faria.
The latest news is that, in contrast to the King movie starring Jeet, Nusrat Faria said. In the meantime, according to tradition, has signed. Jazz Multimedia chief Abdul Aziz confirmed the news itself.
Faria to take place in the context of the film jalira Abdul Aziz said, “We wanted to start with jalike. He was asked to take in preparation. But that did not prepare any results. I chose Faria. ”
Kolkata lavish contacts in acting with Jeet Nusrat Faria said, good news for me. Will add a new dimension to his career. Hopefully, everything will be properly as. ”
“In Nusrat Faria, auta-in-the Jolly Jolly reluctant to say anything about it.
The film is co-produced by The King of Jazz with multimedia SK Movies in Kolkata.
The film is directed by Baba Yadav, director of Kolkata. He said cell phones from Kolkata, Mar 1 may start shooting the film on location.


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